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Faculty Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board (FACAB)

The Faculty Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board (FACAB) represents the faculty of the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the University of Colorado Denver and advises the Board about policies and issues affecting the faculty.

FACAB is a primary conduit of communication between the Board, the Executive Vice President for Administration, and the faculty. One member of FACAB will be a regular, non-voting member of the Board with membership to rotate between CCD, MSU Denver, and CU Denver.

Please visit the following links for more information on the Auraria Higher Education Center  - Faculty Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board: 


Meeting Dates and Times

​Monthly - September through May (except January)
on the FIRST MONDAY of the month at ​8:00 AM 
Held Remotely on Zoom


Meeting Materials​


Month​ ​Agenda ​Minutes
​February FACAB Minutes 02-03-2020
​March ​​FACAB Agenda 03-02-2020 FACAB Minutes 03-02-2020
​April No meeting held​​ ​
​May No meeting held​ ​
​June FACAB Minutes 06-01-2020
​July ​​FACAB Agenda 07-06-2020
​August FACAB Minutes 08-03-2020
​October FACAB Agenda 10-07-2020


​Month ​Agenda ​Minutes
​February FACAB Agenda 02-04-2019.pdf FACAB Minutes 02-04-2019.pdf
​March FACAB Agenda 03-04-2019.pdf
​June No meeting held​​ ​
​July No meeting held​​ ​
​August ​No meeting held​​ ​
​October FACAB Agenda 10-07-2019.pdf FACAB Minutes 10-07-2019.pdf
​November FACAB Agenda 11-04-2019.pdf


​Month ​Agenda ​Minutes
February​ FACAB Minutes 02-05-2018.pdf
​March FACAB Minutes 03-05-2018.pdf
​April ​​FACAB Minutes 04-02-2018.pdf
​June ​ ​No meeting held
​July ​ ​No meeting held
​August ​ ​No meeting held
​September No meeting held​​ ​
​October FACAB Minutes 10-01-2018.pdf
November​ FACAB Minutes 11-05-2018.pdf


Month​ ​Agenda Minutes​ Handouts​
FACAB Minutes 04-03-2017.pdf
May​ FACAB Agenda 05_01_2017.pdf ABOD_Minutes 05-24-2017.pdf
​June City Management Model Types.pdf
​July ​ ​No meeting held​ ​
​August ​​​ ​No meeting held ​
October FACAB Minutes 10-02-2017.pdf
November​ FACAB Agenda 11-06-2017.pdf FACAB Minutes 11-06-2017.pdf
​December FACAB Agenda 12-04-2017.pdf FACAB Minutes 12-04-2017.pdf


Month ​Agenda ​Minutes / Handouts
January ​ ​​No meeting held ​
​February FACAB Agenda 02_01_2016.pdf FACAB Minutes 02-01-2016.pdf
​March FACAB Agenda 03_07_2016 (1).pdf FACAB Minutes 03-07-2016.pdf
​April FACAB Minutes 04-04-2016.pdf
​May FACAB Agenda 05_02_2016.pdf ​Handout: AHEC new parking rate 2016.pdf
​June ​No meeting held ​
​July ​​No meeting held ​
​August ​​No meeting held​ ​
​September FACAB Agenda 09_12_2016.pdf
FACAB Minutes 09-12-2016.pdf
​October FACAB Agenda 10_03_2016.pdf
​​December FACAB Minutes 12_05_2016.pdf


​Month ​Agenda ​​Minutes
​January ​No meeting held​ ​
​February FACAB Agenda 02_02_2015.pdf FACAB Minutes 02-02-2015.pdf
​March FACAB Agenda 03_02_2015.pdf FACAB Minutes 03-02-2015.pdf
​April FACAB Agenda 04_06_2015.pdf FACAB Minutes 04-06-2015.pdf
​May FACAB Agenda 05_04_2015.pdf
FACAB Minutes 05-04-2015.pdf
​June ​No meeting held ​
​July ​No meeting held ​
​August ​No meeting held ​
​September FACAB Agenda 09_21_2015.pdf FACAB Minutes 09-21-2015.pdf
​October ​​No meeting held ​
​November FACAB Agenda 11_02_2015.pdf FACAB Minutes 11-02-2015.pdf
​​December FACAB Agenda 12_07_2015.pdf FACAB Minutes 12-07-2015.pdf


Month ​Agenda ​​Minutes
​January ​ ​
​February ​ ​
​March ​ ​
​April ​ ​
​May ​FACAB w​ebsite created ​ ​
​June ​No meeting held​ ​
​July ​No meeting held ​
​August ​No meeting held​ ​
​September FACAB Agenda 9_15_2014.pdf FACAB Minutes 9_15_2014.pdf
​October FACAB Agenda 10_06_2014.pdf FACAB Minutes 10_06_2014.pdf
​November FACAB Agenda 11_03_2014.pdf FACAB Minutes 11_03_2014.pdf
​​December FACAB Agenda 12_01_2014.pdf FACAB Minutes 12-1-2014.pdf

 Faculty Resources / Documents


Faculty Assembly Office Location

1380 Lawrence Street Center, 3rd Floor
Campus Box: B137
P.O.Box 173364
Denver, CO 80204 


CU Denver Faculty Assembly Chair

Michael Zinser, PhD
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Phone: 303.315.7048 


CU Anschutz Faculty Assembly Chair

Jacqueline Jones, PhD, BN, RN, FRCNA, FAAN
College of Nursing 
Phone: 303.724.2929​


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