100 Days of Listening Tour

After listening to you—students, faculty, staff, alumni, community partners—here’s my main takeaway: You believe that CU Denver is an extraordinarily special place, and you’re ready to build on our momentum to create a bold strategy for our future.

Message from Chancellor Marks

This summer I came to Colorado to join an institution I believe in. For me, leadership starts with listening and learning. And you had a lot to say. After hearing from roughly 1,000 of you in my first 100 days here, I can say for sure: I believe in CU Denver now more than ever and am so glad to call this place home.  

You made the point that we can’t just wish success into being. Like so many of our students have had to do, you urged us to make big and tough decisions. You said we need to put a stake in the ground, focus our efforts on where we’re going, and take this university to the next level. From your collective perspective, now is the time to make those decisions.     

In the 100 days of listening report, I’ve outlined what I heard from you across 10 themes that emerged. We’ll use this information as a starting point for an inclusive strategic planning process that will ultimately position us for future success.  

While I'm now past the first 100 days, I’m committed to continuing our conversation. I can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish together.

The Approach

I heard from more than 1,000 faculty, staff, students, and friends of CU Denver during my first 100 days through a series of informal listening sessions.

10 Themes



From more than 5,000 ideas and suggestions made by our community and friends, 10 themes emerged:


Sharing Our Culture & Values


Claiming Our Identity


Following Through on Student Success


Living Up to Our Highest Ideals of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Leveraging Our Location for Deeper Community Engagement


Championing Academic Quality, Relevance, & Innovation


Leading the Way Through Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity


Valuing Our People


Navigating Structural Complexities


Securing Our Financial Future

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“Together we elevate each other.”

 - CU Denver staff member

Where do we go from here?

Your input over the last 100 days has given me the opportunity and foundation necessary to assess where we are today and where we need to focus our efforts from here.  

While many of you said how proud you are of CU Denver’s progress, nobody said we’re finished. Nearly everybody said we have to go to the next level—we just need to determine what that is.

We’re going to build on these themes through a strategic planning effort from now until the end of May that will chart CU Denver’s future. Your valuable input will help focus our planning process and spur even more creative and innovative thinking.

Want to learn more?

Click below for the full report on my 100 Days of Listening.

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