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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Assistance

CU Anschutz Office of Case Management

Creating a Culture of Care

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If this is an emergency or imminent concern, please call 911 or University Police at 303-724-4444, and then submit a Case Management Referral form.​


At CU Anshutz, we en​gage in a culture of care and strive to maintain the well-being of the campus community. We collaborate with all of the schools and colleges to ensure students have access to resources that help them navigate challenging experiences.​

Our Fu​nctions:
  • Create access to resources for students to maintain their safety, health, and well-being
  • Develop an environment where everyone understands their responsibility of noticing the well-being of those around them
  • Consult and train on supporting students in navigating challenging situations
  • Manage the Case Management referral system
  • Manage the Medical Leave of Absence and Fit to Return process
  • Use a case management framework for proactive and reactive support
  • Convene the CARE Team

students attending a career fair hosted by school of pharmacyRecognizing and Supporting Students in Distress
When a student is in distress, there are often indicators long before a situation escalates, and you may be the first to notice them. It is important that you communicate these signs of through the Case Management Referral form​

Please understand that referring not only helps support student but it also documents that the university activated appropriate protocol to address concerning behavior that may have safety implications for individuals and the campus community.

In addition to making a referral, we encourage you to have a conversation with the student to gather information, express your concern, and share supporting resources. The university has many resources availible for you to consult with, including the Student Mental Health Service.


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