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University of Colorado Anschutz


CU Anschutz Student Senate

Representing Students at CU Anschutz


photo of students in scrubs at 2018 block party

Student Senate is the interdisciplinary student governance group at the CU Anschutz. Representatives are elected from every class in every school or program: Anesthesiologist Assistants, Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant, Dentistry, Basic Sciences Graduate School, School of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy.

Student Senate is responsible for the creation and oversight of the Senate Professional Development Assistance program, which reimburses travel expenses incurred by students attending extracurricular conferences and/or events that contribute to their educational experience. Senate is also responsible for planning and overseeing campus-wide senate sponsored events and activities. Senators address complaints and ideas for improving student life on campus, act as official liaisons between students and administration, attend meetings regularly and become involved in various committees and their work.

Student Senate is the Governance group that grants recognition to interdisciplinary student organizations wishing to be considered Affiliated Student Organizations. If you as a CU Anschutz degree seeking student are considering forming a new student organization, please see the Senate News and Forms page for the Senate Recognition Process and Registration/Affiliation Agreement form​.     

Announcements/Forms and More Information for Student Orgs!

Student Senate strives to educate ​and keep CU Anschutz students up-to-date about various topics relevant to its committees.

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The Diversity Committee within the Student Senate aims to foster an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration and identify sustainable ways to foster a thriving, diverse campus    


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The Finance Committee within the Student Senate stewards funds it collects from campus-wide student fees as well as funding support provided by the Chancellor’s Office. This financial management entails allocating funds to senate committees and to eligible degree seeking students through the Professional Development Assistance program.

photo of medical engraving on Fitzsimons building 

Legislative Affairs

The Legislative Affairs Committee is responsible for educating the CU Anschutz Student Body about current issues which may affect higher education, health care, and other topics which may affect students on campus or in their professional lives.

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The Philanthropy Committee of the CU Anschutz Student Senate strives to reach out to the community and provide CU Anschutz students the opportunity to volunteer in various efforts within and outside the university.

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Student Life and Academic Affairs 

This committee provides campus wide activities that are affordable and fun for CU Anschutz students in a variety of settings. This includes providing access to events that otherwise may be unrealistic on a student budget, while promoting interdisciplinary interactions among students.