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University of Colorado Anschutz


Legislative Affairs Committee

CU Anschutz Student Senate

banner image of colorado state capitol dome against a blue sky

The primary go​​al of The Legislative Affairs Committee is to advocate for a safe, inclusive, and empowering experience for the CU Anschutz student body. The committee strives to obtain and relay pertinent legislative information to students of the CU Anschutz. This information may vary in scope from local, state, and national levels. This committee organizes campus events, including the new A Senate Sit Down series, in which events are offered covering topics of relevance and importance to the student body. All students are encouraged to speak with their Student Senators for detailed information on Legislative Affairs Committee events for the coming year

2018-19 Events

2019 Senate Sit-Down with Local Repre​sentatives

student senators at a meeting with local government representatives at the Anschutz campus

On Saturday, Feb. 29 students had the opportunity to engage with their elected officials. 

CU Contract Lobbyist Jerry Johnson explained the lay of the land at the CO legislature and honorary Representative-elect Tom Sullivan will presented on “Gun Violence - Stay in Your Lane"

Past Leg​islative Affairs Events

Voter Registratio​n Drive 

Senators were located at various locations on campus to register students to vote and give out Colorado Blue Books to inform students about ballot issues. 

Higher Educat​ion Town Hall 

In partnership with nonpartisian Young Invincibles, the Senate hosted a town hall discussion about student debt and the future of higher education funding. 

Election Night Wa​tch Party

Senate hosted an election night watch party complete with food, snacks, and games. Multiple news outlets were streamed during the event related to the election.  

Advocacy Da​y, 2016

Senators and students from the CU Anschutz Campus pose for a picture with Senator Ray Scott while at the state capital for Advocacy Day. CU Anschutz students worked with the CU Government Relations Office to educate state senators and legislators about the conversion of the hospital provider fee to an enterprise​.