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April 27, 2020

CU Anschutz COVID-19 Updates and Resources
Official updates from CU Anschutz will be posted online 
here. (

We have updated our Frequently Asked Questions. Please check our website for any questions you have regarding services from CU Anschutz. _______________________________________________________________________________

Student Locker End of Semester Update
We know that the announcement of the campus building closure led to many of you having to leave campus without time to clean out your student locker.  Your locker will remain intact during the campus building closure and we will not be doing the typical end of semester cleanout of lockers due to the pandemic.  

If you have a registered locker on campus and have an urgent need to retrieve items left in the locker, please contact Betty Charles to set up a time and opportunity for retrieval. You must get approval prior to coming to campus and follow campus safety guidelines should you be approved to come to campus. This is an evolving situation, but we will ensure that students are notified at least two to three months in advance (via this student newsletter) to allow for the retrieval of belongings/contents.   

Remote Campus Events 
Reflecting on the past few weeks & COVID-19 Resources
Join us via Zoom on April 27 at 01:00 PM.
 What's working well for you? What's just not? Join CU Advocates for Mental Health group for a follow-up discussion on our last two events that discussed strategies for coping with COVID-19, including the Mental Health Toolkit and Adjusting to Work/Life balance in a Pandemic. ALL are welcome and you do not need to have attended previous events to participate. Share your thoughts and ideas with your peers and colleagues. Build strength in community. Learn about your resources and tell us what you still need! Email for more information, questions, or suggestions for future events/topics.

Intersection of Disaster, Trauma, and Vulnerability Zoom Event
Join The Phoenix Center Anschutz Thursday, April 30, 11:30 AM as we discuss disaster, trauma, and vulnerability and how we can support each other during this time. Zoom link will be provided upon registration please RSVP to

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Goes On
You can contribute to the PCA's Virtual SAAM effort from home. Digital clothesline project can be contributed to online. Join our Violence Prevention Peer Educator's call to support survivors and submit your words of love and support.

The 23rd annual Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RaCAS) begins on Friday, May 1st. Join us in celebrating the scholarly and creative works of your fellow CU Denver | Anschutz students! Be inspired by these online posters and presentations. Vote for the People's Choice Award by Wednesday, May 6th. For more information visit the RaCAS website.

Student Support Groups 
A variety of new remote support groups are now available to all CU Anschutz students. Registration is required. Check out the complete list of groups for general support, grief, and parenting on our website. 

ADHD Skills Group 
This group meets Fridays 12-1:15pm. Registration required:


The CU Anschutz Student Food Pantry has gone virtual! Case Managers are available to all currently enrolled students experiencing food insecurity. Simply reach out here and a Case Manager will help you navigate resources. For in-person alternatives close to you, please reach out to the Food Bank of the Rockies as they update their distribution sites daily.

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center's new Wellness Resources page is updated daily with videos, blogs, articles, recipes and tips in the areas of physical activity and fitness, mental wellbeing and nutrition, all from our various experts/team members. Highlights include at-home video workouts, Mindful Monday videos with our psychologist Dr. Liz Chamberlain, recipes (cooking videos are coming), and free access to the Les Mills online group exercise class catalog.

CU Nursing Associate Professor, Public Health Nurse and Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Scott Harpin, is working with the Colorado Emergency Operations Center surge planning to consult on workforce needs. He has developed helpful videos for the public at-large to help respond to Covid-19 while at home. This is a basic orientation for preparedness to assist in reducing the spread, recognizing signs/symptoms, and managing the virus as well as fears associated with it while at home.

Remote learning information and tutorials can be found here.This site will be updated regularly with new content, so be sure to check back often in the coming days.

Colorado Emergency Child Care Collaborative
During a press conference late Wednesday morning, Governor Polis announced an emergency program meant to target and serve the children of the employees who are most essential to containing and treating the virus and protecting our most vulnerable populations.
  • Health care providers and staff: Doctors, nurses, and all hospital support personnel, including maintenance and janitorial staff, who are so essential to maintaining our health system
  • Public safety: Police, firefighters, EMT, Department of Corrections
  • Staff supporting critically at-risk populations: Long-term care facilities, mental health facilities, residential facilities subject to available capacity.

The Phoenix Center at CU Anschutz
There are many ways to recognize abusive moments we may face, according to the book Emergent Strategy. Here are a few signs that you may be in an abusive work, family, friendship, or romantic dynamic: 
  • you make agreements or set boundaries and they target crossed or broken, and/or you can't hold the agreements/boundaries yourself
  • arguments are really confusing and/or repetitive--you can't tell what you are arguing about, the arguments have no boundaries or containers, you keep returning to issues you felt were resolved, or you keep losing track of your own values and center in the process.
  • you feel dismissed, hidden or disrespected, and/or like you can't acknowledge reality, be transparent, or respectful.
  • you feel bullied or bullying, scared or scary, emotionally unsafe.
  • you feel like something is being taken from you, and/or that you are taking from the other person

And the Phoenix Center Anschutz is here to listen, support, and advocate for you in these moments and is currently operating remotely! Please check out our Facebook page to connect more at The Phoenix Center at Anschutz Facebook or our Crisis Helpline:  24/7 Crisis Helpline: 303-556-2255.