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Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver

Billing FAQ

 How much do I owe?

You may check your up-to-date account balance by logging into UCDAccess and scrolling to the "Finances" section. In addition, you may set a third party up as an “Authorized Payer”. This will allow them to view your electronic billing statement (E-Bill), print it out if you so desire and make an online payment. Once you set up an Authorized Payer, they will get their own login ID and password to use when accessing your E-Bill. Each time a new E-Bill is available, you will receive an email notification which will include a link to the E-Bill login and step-by-step instructions for accessing your E-Bill. If someone else typically pays your tuition and fee bill, CU Anschutz encourages you to set up an Authorized Payer.

To set up an Authorized Payer, login to UCDAccess, select the "account information, bills and payments" link from the Finances section, then select the “Setup Authorized Payers” link and follow the instructions provided. ​​​


 How do I pay my student's bill?

University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus electronic billing system allows your student to set you up as an “Authorized Payer​”. This will allow you to view your student’s E-Bill, print it out if you so desire and make an online payment. Once your student has set you up as an Authorized Payer, they will give you your own special login ID and password to use when accessing their E-Bill. Each time a new E-Bill is available for your student, you will receive an email notification which will include a link to the E-Bill login and step-by-step instructions for accessing your student’s E-Bill. If you typically pay your student’s tuition and fee bill, CU Denver encourages you to ask your student to establish you as an Authorized Payer.

You may pay online with an electronic check or credit card*(a non-refundable fee applies to all credit/debit card payments), in-person at the Bursar’s office, or mail a check or money order payment to the address provided on the .PDF version of your student’s E-Bill.

* Please Note: The credit card payment option is only available for students attending the Auraria Campus.​​​​​


 When are bills available?

Bills are generally available to view online at least three weeks before each payment due date. Please refer to the Billing Calendar for specific dates.​


 How are bills distributed?

Bills are only available online.

CU Anschutz has implemented an official E-Bill (electronic billing) program. CU Anschutz does not mail paper billing statements to students, all registered students must access their student account bill through UCDAccess.

Students will receive an e-bill notification in their university email account each time an E-Bill has been posted. Students may authorize their parent(s) or other payers (up to five people) to view their bill and make online payments their behalf. This authorization is done on UCDAccess under the financial tab. Once set up, the authorized payers will also receive an E-Bill notification when their student's bill is available. CU Anschutz strongly suggests that your student set you up as an authorized payer.

For complete details please visit the Billing Guide.​


 What if I do not receive an E-Bill notification?

​​Bills must be paid by the due date to avoid service charges even if you or the student does not receive the official E-Bill notification. Students are able to view their account balance online at anytime via UCDAccess.​5

 When is tuition due?

Please refer to the Billing Calendar for each semester's due dates. ​


 Does CU Anschutz offer a payment plan?

Yes, CU Anschutz offers a deferred payment plan for students. This plan allows students to pay their tuition and fee balance in four installments. Students may enroll in the payment plan online via UCDAccess. There is a $35.00 convenience fee for electing the deferred payment plan.​​


 What if I cannot pay on time?

Accounts with unpaid balances or that go into default as of the due dates for each semester will be subject to service charges and a financial stop. This will result in a student's inability to register for a future term, as well as withholding of a transcript and/or degree.​ Please visit our Student Debt Management website for more detailed information. 


 How much will tuition be?

Tuition and fees are typically decided in July of every year.​​


 What are mandatory fees?

Fees are allocated into two categories All Anschutz Medical Campus fees and School or College fees. Each fee category does not apply to each student as they are assessed all appropriate fees based on the category determined by their enrollment. ​

All Anschutz Medical Campus fees are assessed to students enrolled in on Anschutz courses. School or College fees are applied to accounts dependent on the student's enrollemnt. ​​

Please refer to our Tuition and Fees pages for further information. ​​


 What is the College Opportunity Fund?

The College Opportunity Fund (COF) is a state voucher that helps families offset rising higher education costs. All Colorado resident, undergraduate students are eligible. Student must apply once at the state website, and authorize each semester during registration. The COF credit will appear on the billing statement.

For more information, go to the COF FAQ's.


 How do I receive my refund?

CU Anschutz encourages all students to sign up for Direct Deposit​, which is the most efficient and quickest method for refunds. This will allow your refund to be electronically deposited into any domestic bank account.

If you elect not to sign up for Direct Deposit, your refund will be mailed to you in the form of a paper check.​​​

The refund process for Direct Deposit can take approximately 3 to 5 business days from the time that a credit balance is created on the student's account. Paper check refunds are processed weekly on Wednesdays and mailed to the mailing address in the UCD Access Portal.  ​


 How are refunds issued for Parent PLUS loans?

During the application and acceptance process, parents are given a “Parent PLUS Loan Request and Authorization Form” which allows them to select how the university processes any potential PLUS loan refunds. If the parent chooses to allow the refund to be issued to their student, the refund will be treated much like any other student account refund. If the parent elects to personally receive the refund, a refund check will be generated and mailed to the parent’s address.​​