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Guests FAQ

 What if I don’t have one of the three social media accounts?

You'll need to create one. CU Guest Access uses social media accounts to authenticate a guest’s identity. This is the only option available at this time.​3

 I don’t want to create a social media account. What else can I do?

FERPA Consent to Release may be a good option.​12

 I never received an email. What do I do?

First, check your spam folder. Since the authorization emails are sent from a network account, they may be flagged as spam. If you still can't find them, confirm the email that your student used, then ask your student to re-send the email.​​13

 Do I need to use the same email address for my social media accounts and CU Guest Access?

Yes. The email address that your student uses to establish your access must match the email you use for LinkedIn, Facebook or Google.​​4

 I get a ‘You are not authorized for this page’ error message when I click on the social media account I want to use. What’s wrong?

You're probably already logged in to that social media account (note: Gmail is part of the Google platform). You have three options:

  1. If you don't need to be logged in to the social media account right now, log out of the social media account and try again.
  2. If you're still on the first activation step (i.e., you haven't logged in using a social media account yet) and your email address is associated with more than one of the three social media accounts, use another account instead.
  3. If you need to use this account and you need keep your social media account open:
    • Open a different browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).
    • Confirm that you're not logged in to your social media account in that browser.
    • Copy the link from your email message into the browser's address bar, and hit Enter.
    • Select your social media account, and continue the process.

 I get an ‘Error – Single Sign-On’ message when I try to authenticate or access my account. What’s wrong?

First, make sure you're not already logged in to the social media account you're using for CU Guest Access (see previous FAQ). If that doesn't solve the problem, close and reopen your browser, then clear its cache (see instructions for Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox). If you're still having problems, contact the Office of the Registrar for troubleshooting help.​6

 I never received an email. What do I do?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at or 303-315-2600 for troubleshooting help.​7

 What if I can’t remember the security key?

Your student can re-send the email that contains the security key.​8

 My security key expired. What do I do?

Your student should revoke access, then re-establish access with your first and last name and email address.​9

 I’m a guest with access granted for multiple students. How do I see the information?

Once you've signed in to the CU Guest Access website, click the title of the record you'd like to view (for example, Emergency Contact). On the next screen, click Search to get a list of all students for whom you have been granted access. Click on the name to view the record for that student.​10

 I have a question about something I see in my student’s record. Who can I talk with?

Your student. Unless your student has released protected information to you via FERPA Consent to Release, CUDenver cannot release any non-directory information about that student.​11