Goal Five: Best Place to Work

Be known as a people-centered best place to work

High-performing organizations value employees as people, create cultures of empowerment and belonging, and provide clear opportunities for career success. This is the workplace we aspire to create.

We will put our people at the center of everything we do and fully unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined CU Denver for its first five decades. Through this, we will make our university one of the best and most desirable places to work in the region and nation, drawing exceptional, purpose-driven talent reflective of the rich diversity of our community.

We will empower and routinely recognize our faculty and staff, who are our greatest asset and play a critical role in delivering on our purpose, whether that is educating in front of the classroom or contributing behind the scenes.

We will create an environment where new and cross-pollinating ideas flourish, where collaborative spaces for ideation and collaboration are plentiful, and where our employees belong and look forward to coming to campus every day to make an impact. We will make intentional investments that support our employees, their work, wellness, and life.

We will put equitable structures, policies, and pathways in place to help our people reach their full potential. In doing so, our university will reach its own full potential and help advance the people and place it serves.

The work we’ll do:

  • Create an organization-wide culture change program to ensure we honor the humanity, talent, and hard work of our people—making work meaningful, impactful, and fun.
  • Develop an inclusive excellence framework where employees at all levels experience a sense of belonging and reflect the diversity in all its forms of our community of learners.
  • Empower personal and professional growth by building opportunities for leadership development, setting clear pathways for advancement, and encouraging employees to fully embrace the rich learning, cultural, and natural environment of our campus and city.
  • Set and reinforce expectations that our leaders provide transparency and context, recognizing that each of us shares responsibility for CU Denver’s future and we are on the same team.
  • Simplify processes, clarify structures, and create spaces that enable risk-taking and spark creative thinking so that we can work smarter, enabling greater collaboration across units.

We're there when:

As an officially recognized best place to work and one of the most coveted employers in Denver, employee engagement increases dramatically and diverse talent from across the nation is attracted to CU Denver.

Our faculty and staff, who are our greatest asset and brand ambassadors, are energized by a workplace where they feel valued and supported in their personal and professional growth as they move the university forward in making education work for all.

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