Goal One: Equity-Serving Institution

Become the nation’s first equity-serving institution

Once an exclusive club, higher education has made strides to increase access and equal opportunity. However, merely opening the door is not sufficient to reach equity or ensure success for all. We propose and will pursue a new way to advance equity for all by creating an inclusive and just environment for our campus and broader community.

At CU Denver, our diversity is highly prized by students, faculty, and staff alike. It is a source of pride based in our shared belief that diverse experiences and viewpoints enrich the learning and professional environment for all of us. But it is not enough to simply be diverse.

We aim to put our diversity in action by becoming an equity-serving institution—one that provides a racially and culturally enhancing educational and work environment and a sense of belonging for all. We will sustain a culture of belonging for all and provide the necessary resources and supports to help everyone succeed.

We will accomplish this goal through engaging our entire community to share responsibility for creating and sustaining a just, safe, and inclusive campus; improving our systems to actively support minoritized people and historically marginalized identities in order to reduce bias and create and sustain equity; and redefining success through a lens of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to unlock the potential for everyone to succeed.

The work we’ll do:

  • Intentionally and courageously build a culture of shared responsibility for advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion so that students, faculty, and staff thrive.
  • Acknowledge the history of our location and honor the positive contributions of the people who came before us.
  • Leverage our role as a Hispanic- and Asian American Native American and Pacific Islander-Serving Institution to secure resources that build institutional capacity for learner success, research, and scholarship.
  • Develop and continuously improve our systems, placing a focus on building authentic relationships, community, and compassionate support.

We're there when:

Success outcome gaps across all demographics are reduced to zero, making education work for all. Faculty and staff of every background and identity find purpose and belonging and opportunities to advance here. Other universities and employers seeking diverse talent look to CU Denver as a model of inclusivity.

Our Progress

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