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Tuition Appeals

A three-step process

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If you feel that you have an extenuating circumstance that justifies an exception to financial obligations, you may appeal and it will be reviewed by the tuition appeals coordinator.

You must withdraw from the class(es) in question before an appeal can be reviewed. Please note that if you received financial aid for the semester in question, tuition might not be refunded. Exceptions will not be considered if you fail to comply with published deadlines or when conditions were under your control. You are responsible to obtain all information and documentation supporting your appeal.

The Anschutz Medical Campus Students:

The three step process below does not apply to your tuition appeals please select your appropriate school or college and contact your advisor for specific instructions.


Denver Campus Students:

A tuition appeal is a petition process requesting the University take into consideration extenuating circumstances resulting in the students inability to successfully complete courses and/or the semester—this process is not guaranteed exemption from financial obligations.
  • The student is responsible for all charges assessed to the account while the appeal is pending.
  • The student must be withdrawn from all classes being petitioned by the posted tuition appeal deadlines before proceeding with the tuition appeal process.
  • The student cannot petition additional courses, not originally addressed, within the same term if an appeal has previously been submitted and decision rendered
  • It is the student’s responsibility to read and understand the tuition appeals policy, guidelines, and procedures

Denver Campus Deadlines

Students will have six months after the end of the semester being appealed to file a tuition appeal. All required documentation must be submitted on or before the date below for your appeal to be accepted and reviewed:

  • Spring semester: November 30
  • Summer semester: January 30
  • Fall semester: June 30

The tuition appeal submission deadline is not contingent upon the date in which a retroactive withdrawal is approved.

The Denver Campus appeal process

Appeals can be submitted only once. It is the student’s responsibility to provide adequate documentation that corroborates the appealed circumstance—the burden of proof rests with the student.

All documents must be submitted as a complete appeal packet together to the Tuition Appeals Coordinator at​


Step 1. Tuition Appeal Form & Guidelines

Complete and sign the form; check to make sure you answered all the questions. The exception to tuition policy should have occurred after the drop/add deadline and prior to the last three to four weeks of the class(es). You must have dropped the class in question or withdrawn from the semester before a petition can be reviewed. Incomplete appeals are automatically denied.


Step 2. Personal Statement

Submit a personal statement typed or word processed. Summarize your situation as to why you feel that you meet the exception to the tuition policy. Include details that occurred after the drop/add deadline and that were beyond your control.


Step 3. Documentation

All documentation must be in English or translated into English. You can get translations from the embassy, or if the language department has someone teaching that language, a translation can be submitted on their letterhead. The person translating should sign and date the translation.

For medical conditions (letter from physician)

You may submit a typed or word-processed letter on letterhead from your physician in your tuition appeals packet. It is important for this letter to include:

  • Diagnosis
  • Date the medical condition began
  • Date it prevented you from attending classes
  • How long it will prohibit from attending classes

For the change in work hours/location (letter from employer)

The statement should be typed on letterhead, and/or a business card for your supervisor should be attached. 

It is important for this letter to include:

  • Verification of the days, hours or location of work that occurred
  • The date the change took effect and specifically what the change was; i.e. days, hours and/or work location
  • How this change conflicts with your school schedule
  • How long the change in work hours or location will be in effect

For the death in the family

You must provide a copy of a remembrance card, obituary from the newspapers (should have dates) or a copy of a death certificate. If the family member has a different last name than yours, you must provide documentation that shows the relationship (copy of your birth certificate if mother’s maiden name would provide this).

Special circumstances beyond your control

Circumstance must be on letterhead and fully documented. Please contact the tuition appeals coordinator for acceptable circumstances before submitting this type of documentation.


Questions or concerns?

The revised policy effective January 01, 2014 will apply to all appeals submitted on or after this date, regardless of if the term being appealed occurred prior to the effective date.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the tuition appeals process please refer to the tuition appeals policy or contact the Tuition Appeals Coordinator:


Office of the Registrar

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