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Final grades

Final grades are available through your campus web portal UCDAccess, approximately two weeks after the end of the semester. To request a hard copy, fax a written request to 303.315.2550 (CU Denver) or 303.724.8060 (CU Anschutz Medical Campus). Include your name and student ID.

Letter grades

Instructors award letter grades and incomplete grades. A student wishing to take a course pass/fail or no-credit must register for these options before the date published in the Academic Calendar. See the following explanation.

The university grading system includes:

Grade Rating Credit Points



Superior / Excellent:

4.0 credit points per credit hour

3.7 credit points per credit hour




Good/Better than Average:

3.3 credit points per credit hour

3.0 credit points per credit hour

2.7 credit points per credit hour




Competent / Average:

2.3 credit points per credit hour

2.0 credit points per credit hour

1.7 credit points per credit hour 






Minimum Passing:

1.3 credit point per credit hour

1.0 credit point per credit hour

0.7 credit point per credit hour



No credit points per credit hour



Regarded as an F if not completed within a maximum of one year

The university has approved use of a plus/minus grading system, where a B+ corresponds to 3.3 credit points per credit hour and a B- corresponds to 2.7 credit points per credit hour. Allowed grades include A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D- and F. Instructors may, at their discretion, use the plus/minus system but are not required to do so.

Grades for Metropolitan State College of Denver courses are not included in your CU grade point average. MSCD is not on a plus/minus grade scale.

I - Incompletes

Policies with respect to I grades are available in the individual college and school dean's offices. Use of the "I" is at the discretion of the course instructor and/or the academic dean's office.

An enrolled student must request a grade of 'I' if her/his circumstances warrant it. Many schools and colleges have written agreements that the student and the Instructor of Record sign, indicating how the student will complete the missing work. The student is expected to complete the missing work by the deadline determined by the instructor, and within one year maximum.

An "I" is given only when students, for reasons beyond their control, have been unable to complete course requirements. A substantial amount of work must have been satisfactorily completed before approval for such a grade is given.

The instructor who assigns an "I" sets the conditions under which the course work can be completed and the time limit for its completion. The student is expected to complete the requirements within the established deadline.

It is the instructor's and/or the student's decision whether a course should be retaken. If a course is retaken, it must be completed on the Downtown Campus or in Denver Extended Studies. If a course is retaken, the student must re-register for the course and pay the appropriate tuition.

The final grade (earned by completing the course requirements or by retaking the course) does not result in deletion of the "I" from the transcript. A second entry is posted on the transcript to show the final grade for the course. If the course is retaken, the original course will have a notation that the course was repeated. The "I" grade remains with the original course. The 'retaken' course will have the final grade.

At the end of one year, "I" grades for courses that are not completed or repeated are changed to an "F".


You may register for a course on a no-credit basis by completing a schedule adjustment form. File the schedule adjustment form in the Student Service Center by the date published in the Academic Calendar.


Consult the Academic Calendar for dates that you may change your registration in a course to a pass/fail by completing a schedule adjustment form. If you register on a pass/fail basis, a "P" grade will be recorded if you receive a letter grade of "D-" or better; an "F" will be recorded if you fail the course. A "P" will not be included in your grade point average; an "F" will be included.

If you register for a course on a pass/fail basis, you may not elect to change to a letter grade in the future. If there is a possibility that you might change majors and need a letter grade, do not register for a course on a pass/fail basis.

Each school or college limits the hours and courses for which you may register on a pass/fail basis during a semester and the number of pass/fail hours which can be applied toward a degree. Please check with your school or college.

Please note: Many other institutions will not accept a "P" grade for transfer credit.​

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