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Self-Service Reporting Library (SRL)

A guide to pulling your own reports

A Web-based query system that allows all authorized department staff of the University of Colorado Denver to easily access and retrieve commonly used student information and data at any time. The selection criteria can be customized to the specifications of the requesting department in a query form.

This library can be used for student level detail reporting.  For aggregate level or official reporting for the university, please contact the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Analysis.  For Student Finance, and Financial Aid student detailed related information please contact the appropriate office.

  • Student Records Reports Available in Cognos

    Student Records Reports Available in Cognos:

    Report Name Description
    Applied for Degree Report A list of student who applied or awarded for degree.
    Bio Demo Data Report Table list of all students enrolled or active in a program for a specified term, with their Bio Data info.
    Class List Report A list of classes that can be filtered by institution, term, campus, academic group, academic org, academic career, session code, subject, class section
    Class List Report - Short
    Class list report in short.
    Class Listing by Session Code List of classes by their session codes.
    Class Notes Report A list of class notes associated with classes filtered by term, institution and campus
    Class Attributes Report A list of attributes that are attached to classes filtered by term, institution, campus
    Class Roster Class Roster have just the basic information of the class enrollment (Name Student ID Contact info and enroll status ) Grouped by Class per page
    Dean's List Dean list by a school/program
    Degree Awarded Report List of student who got graduated in a term.
    Eligible To Enroll Report List of students who are/aren't eligible to enroll based on the Eligible to enroll prompt flag, term, Credit Units
    Enrolled Student Report A list of enrolled students filtered by institution, term, academic group, academic career.
    Email Probation & Suspension List of student who are in Probation and Suspension with only bio demo.
    GPA in Range A list of students and their Cumulative GPA. Go prompt on college, plan, program and Cumulative/Term GPA in a range for instance ( CUM-GPA from 3 to 3.75) or (Term GPA from 3.75 to 4)
    Grade Distribution Report Grade Distribution by Instructor or by Class choose the report by Instructor if you need to view the grades by each instructor and classes they teach with grade info aggregate with percentages choose the report by class if you need to view the grades by each class and instructor info and grade info aggregate.
    Grade in Range List of students and their grades in a particular class
    Graduate Report List of students who graduated in a term.
    International-Intent to Grad Intent to Graduate more specific to International Students
    International Student Enrollment Report International Student Enrollment Report with general enrollment information with Country Cd and Visa Status.
    Instructor Information List of all active instructors in a term and their classes.
    Missing Grades Report - Detail Missing Grade Report Detail and Summary.
    Probation and Suspension Report List of Under Grad students who have CUM GPA less than or equal to 2.0. This report also shows previous term GPA and contact info.
    Program/Plan Detail This is list of all students and their Program Plan and degree data to facilitate degree audit.
    Student Course Enrollment by Course A list of courses that students are enrolled in by course.
    Student Course Enrollment by Student A list of students and the classes that they are enrolled in.
    Student list by Academic Year GPA Student list by academic year GPA by each academic year. The starting Semester is always Fall.
    Student waitlisted classes A list of all students who are waitlisted in classes.
    Tentative grad with new program This is list of students who applied for graduation and got admitted/matriculated in future term. Fields: Student ID Prompts: Expected Grad Term, Admit Term.

Please find your reports at UCDAccess. Click the My.Reports tab.

Running and Viewing Reports:

Links to training guides:

If you do not have access to view these reports, you will need to complete a security access request form for reporting.  The most recent process and form can be found at the Security website.  The process to get access for reporting may take 3-5 business days.  You will not be given access to view reports until your security for Cognos has been approved.  Please note, that you must use Internet Explorer Version 6.0 or higher to utilize this tool.  If you are having trouble exporting the report to Excel please review the Cognos IE 8 Cheat Sheet.




  • Store in any kind of database
  • Send it to any 3rd party users 
  • load in any unauthorized applications or surveys?

For reports not currently available in Cognos, please request a new report using the Data Request Form. New reports are estimated to take 3-5 business days.  A member of the reporting team will contact you about your request.

For any previously created PeopleSoft reports, or if you have any questions or concerns about this new process please contact​​​

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