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Transfer Articulation

What is Transfer Articulation?

When course work is transferred in from another institution, CU Denver must determine how those classes will apply to a degree program. Academic advisors work closely with the Office of the Registrar to apply transfer course work to CU Denver degree plans.

Below is a basic layout of how transfer courses are articulated at CU Denver:


How the process works:

Academic departments such as English, Biology, or Music work with the Office of the Registrar Transfer Articulation Specialist to determine how courses from external colleges will apply to their degree programs. The articulations are maintained within the Office of the Registrar so that advisors can get quick and consistent transfer evaluations. This way students can see how classes they took at a different school will apply to the degree they are seeking at CU Denver. 

The basic steps an advisor and the Office of the Registrar go through to make a transfer articulation are:

    1. Courses are identified as transfer courses via: 
      1. Transferred course entry by the Office of Admissions
      2. Catalogs from schools where the CU Denver transfer students come from
      3. Students' requests'
    2. Transfer courses are disseminated to the departments for proper evaluation
    3. The department returns its articulations to the Office of the Registrar
    4. The Office of the Registrar puts the articulation in to DARS to automate the evaluation of future transfer work

Each school or college determines how transferred courses will apply toward a degree program. If a transfer course has not been added to CU Denver’s transfer articulation database, you or your academic advisor may initiate the review and evaluation of that transfer course.   

Please contact an academic advisor to discuss this process in more detail.

Locate an Advisor

Locate the transfer credit review form


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