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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

Univeristy of Colorado Denver :: Office of the Registrar

Mission, Vision and Values

For the Office of the Registrar

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Mission statement

The Office of the Registrar is committed to the delivery of quality, student-centered enrollment and academic support services through collaboration and the integration of technology. As stewards of student records and enrollment data, we provide judicious management and dissemination of student data for students, faculty, staff and community constituents.

Vision statement

We are a premier customer service provider and a catalyst for student engagement and the enhancement of CU Denver’s presence and reputation.

Values statements

  • Diversity and inclusion- We aspire to a diversity of thought and culture. We value the richness and interplay of differences. We treat everyone with the highest degree of dignity, equity and trust. We honor the rights and beliefs of our colleagues, our clients and the community.
  • Honesty, respect and integrity- These values are what define our people and or office. They are the foundation of our office and our working/servicing environment. This foundation is made of a very solid and strong element that is meant to carry the load through wind, rain or implementation. Simply put, honesty, respect and integrity are the core values that support our every endeavor.
  • Highest ethical standards- We employ the highest ethical standards through demonstrating fairness in every action that we take. We conduct ourselves in a highly professional manner. We competently and judiciously conduct the stewardship under our charge.
  • Student focused- The students hold the position of our most honored clients. We actively seek methods for aligning our services to enhance the fulfillment of the education goals of the university and division. We promote the value of our services to the university community in the interest of the ultimate student experience.
  • Building trust and community- The registrar’s staff acts on a cooperative basis, relies on solidarity and shares our knowledge and experience. We build trust among ourselves and our clientele by modeling competence and reliability. We make ourselves available for an open exchange of ideas and actively encourage feedback from our colleagues and those we serve. We hold ourselves accountable in our actions and the services we provide. We accept responsibility for building a strong, trusting and caring work environment where individuality is valued and respected.
  • Innovative spirit- We lead in the advancement of student-centered technologies, and we promote creativity and innovative procedures as means to continuous service improvement.

Office of the Registrar

Denver Campus: Phone: 303.315.2600 • Fax: 303.315.2550 • Email:

The Anschutz Medical Campus: Phone: 303.724.8059 • Fax: 303.724.8060 • Email:

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