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Policies and Forms for Students


  • Grievance Policy
    The CU Denver College of Engineering and Applied Science Student Grievance Procedure is intended to provide a procedure for the resolution of disputes between students and faculty or staff of the college, as well as procedures for handling student disciplinary matters.
  • Student Honor Code
    All students are required to sign the Honor Code, and will do so when they meet with their academic advisors. Students are only required to sign the form once.
  • 30-hour check (for undergraduates only)
    When a student in the College of Engineering and Applied Science is within 30 hours of completing his or her degree, an appointment should be scheduled with a faculty advisor to perform a 30-hour check.
  • Course Drop Policy​
    Refer to this policy when dropping courses.
  • CU Denver Core Curriculum (for undergraduates only)
    The CU Denver core curriculum provides all undergraduate students a high-quality general education based on a liberal arts foundation, while allowing students flexibility based on their individual backgrounds and specific career goals. A goal of the core curriculum is to engage students in developing sensitivity to diversity and developing their pl​ace in an urban environment as well as in the rapidly changing global environment.
  • Commencement

    The university holds commencement ceremonies at the end of each fall and spring semester. Commencement is a celebration of the time and hard work you have put into your academic career at CU Denver, and the faculty and staff in the college encourage you to attend commencement and celebrate your success.

    Any student who wishes to participate in the CU Denver commencement ceremonies must go online and complete the “Online Intent to Graduate” form. After completing this online form, you will receive valuable information and directions on how to order your cap and gown and the time and location of the ceremonies. Students graduating from the College of Engineering and Applied Science are also invited, along with their friends and family, to attend a graduation reception in their honor immediately following commencement.



Here is a list of forms commonly used by students. Not seeing what you need? Contact your department or the Engineering Student Services Center for assistance.

Intra University Transfer (pdf):This form is used when students want to transfer from one CU Denver program to another. This includes pre-engineering students who are ready for admission to the college. 

Schedule Adjustment (pdf): This form is used to add/drop courses or to completely withdrawl from a term.

Change of Major (pdf): This form may be used by undergraduate and graduate students looking to change their course of study within the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Request for Graduation Examination/Thesis Defense: For the most current version of this form, visit the Graduate School forms page.

Transfer Credit Review Form: This form initiates the faculty review of transfer course(s). The results from this review will be added to a student's transfer record on the student information system (SIS) and will be applied toward the appropriate degree requirement(s). Download the form from the CU Denver Registrar's Office. Please contact the Engineering Student Services Center to discuss the use of this form in more detail.

Special Processing Form (Independent Study/Thesis or Report Completion Contract):Use this form to register for independent study, thesis, practicum, special studies, variable credit, etc. Download it from the CU Denver Registrar's Office.

Application for Admission to Candidacy (Graduate Students)For the most current version of this form, visit the Graduate School forms page

Application for Graduation

All students who intend to graduate in a given semester must complete the Intent to Graduate form before the posted deadline. Knowing and following the deadline to complete the Intent to Graduate form is solely the responsibility of the student and failure to follow the deadline will prevent a student from graduating. The form is submitted through the student UCDAccess Portal. For diploma information, contact the Registrar's Office.