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Make the Most of Your Studies

Interested in adding a minor? Complete the Minor Declaration Form and send it to the Engineering Dean's Office at By completing and submitting this form, you have declared your minor. The information will be added to your student profile and will be verified after you apply to graduate. In order for the minor to be conferred with your degree, it will need to be evaluated by an advisor in the minor granting department who can certify you have met the minor requirements. Please schedule an appointment with the minor-granting department after declaring your minor.

Keeping Track of Your Minor

Upon applying for graduation, send your completed Minor Coursework Form to the Engineering Dean's Office at The coursework form should be signed by an advisor in the minor granting department. If all coursework is successfully completed, the minor will be noted on your official transcript. NOTE: Minors do not appear on the diploma. If all coursework has not been completed, the minor will be removed from your profile.

*Computer Science minors: use the CS minor coursework form and call the department at 303-315-1408 to schedule an appointment after declaring your minor. at 303-315-1408

Common Minors Declared by Engineering Students