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Transportation Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions



Perform a full accounting of transportation energy use and green-house gas emissions for several US and international cities.

Researchers at CU Denver recently developed accounting methods to allocate estimates of energy use and green-house gas emissions for both large urban areas and smaller cities as well as urban sub-areas. These methods must be refined and generalized to other cities having various amounts of transportation data and resources with which to make these estimates. Innovative methods must be devised to fill in the gaps of missing data when needed or to use other data estimation techniques. CU Denver faculty and students have a vast experience in travel demand modeling and data acquisition technologies needed to address these issues. Current research is to further develop, refine and test our methodologies on a variety of U.S. and international cities having a wide range of transportation systems.


The transportation graduate program in civil engineering involves students and faculty in a wide range of educational and research activities. The emphases of our courses and research are on transportation engineering, planning, management and operations.

Some focuses of our transportation research projects are:

  • Traffic monitoring technologies and data analysis techniques
  • Traffic modeling (both regional as well as corridor simulations)
  • Transportation planning and travel demand forecasting techniques for both person and freight movements including bicycles and pedestrians
  • Traffic safety (driver, equipment, and facility design issues)
  • Hazardous material transportation and risk analysis
  • Incident detection, response, and traveler advisory systems
  • Travel impacts (vehicle delays, crashes, pollution, energy use)
  • Infrastructure management systems for transportation facilities
  • Travel demand management strategies (i.e., trip reduction programs, peak-period pricing, ramp metering, high-occupancy vehicle lanes, ridesharing and incentives, transit marketing programs)
  • Transportation investment decisions (including sustainability, life cycle analyses (LCA) and cross-subsidization issues)

The Transportation Research Center (TRC) projects provide financial support and laboratory facilities for our students to pursue their research. Our students engage in presentations and publications of their research to professional organizations. Our studies often involve partnerships with Colorado engineering firms and many of our students work for area companies.

Faculty Information

Bruce Janson, Professor
Transportation Engineering, Planning and Management

Phone: 303-556-2831
Office: North Classroom 3015

Curriculum Vitae: Download

BS in Engineering from Cornell University in 1976
MA in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1977
PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1981


Since 1993, the Transportation Research Center (TRC) at CU Denver has involved both students and faculty in civil engineering and other majors in a range of educational and research activities. TRC studies address local, state, national and international issues with funding from federal, state, local and private sources. We develop and investigate new methods and technologies for analyzing the performance and safety of alternative transportation operations and system designs.

Some focuses of the TRC are:

  • traffic safety and crash studies (both driver and facility design issues)
  • traffic modeling and simulation
  • traffic engineering and control
  • highway capacity analysis
  • transportation planning and travel demand forecasting
  • incident detection and response
  • travel advisory systems
  • traffic data collection and analysis techniques
  • use of geographic information systems in transportation
  • traffic impact assessment
  • estimation of transportation energy consumption and pollution emissions
  • transportation investment analysis and infrastructure management systems.

Related Courses

The following is a list of transportation courses offered by the civil engineering department at CU Denver. First listed are our two basic undergraduate courses, followed by our graduate courses in three main focus areas.

CVEN 3602 Transportation Engineering
CVEN 4602 Highway Engineering & Design

(1) Traffic Studies
CVEN 5611 Traffic & Safety Data Analysis
CVEN 5612 Traffic Impact Assessment
CVEN 5613 Traffic Flow Models & Simulation

(2) Traffic Engineering
CVEN 5621 Highway Capacity Analysis
CVEN 5622 Traffic Operations & Control
CVEN 58xx Traffic Signal Design and Technology
CVEN 5602 Advanced Highway Engineering & Design
CVEN 58xx Safety Engineering in Geometric Design

(3) Transportation Planning
CVEN 5631 Transportation Planning Methods
CVEN 58xx Transportation Modeling with GIS Applications
CVEN 58xx Case Studies in Sustainable Transportation Systems

For complete, up-to-date course descriptions, visit the CU Denver academic catalog and search for the course names listed above.