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Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering



Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering research at the University of Colorado Denver is focused on energy systems optimization and planning, to provide a framework for assessing advanced technologies and policy options that can lead to use of clean energy technologies, renewable energy resources, energy efficiency and demand-side management. Our main research is to examine available and future technologies in the context of their technical and economic viability—as well as their climate change and environmental impact—for energy production to meet the end-use energy demand. We have developed an optimization model to assess sustainable energy pathways for Colorado’s power sector with a focus on greenhouse gas mitigation. Currently, we are working to develop a complete technology-rich multi-regional energy systems optimization model for cost-effective analysis of carbon abatement options of electric and gas utilities (investor owned, cooperatives and municipal), transportation, oil and gas industries over a multi-period horizon.


Current research interests: 

  • Economic and environmental assessment of conventional and renewable generation with energy storage systems
  • Integration of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and enabling technologies into the electric power system
  • Energy systems environmental life-cycle assessment
  • Climate change policy analysis with carbon cap and trade program strategic plans and program implementation
  • Impacts of climate change on energy supply and demand
  • Air-quality regulatory implications for energy technologies
  • Power generation operation & economics 

Consulting interests:

  • Energy systems greenhouse gas inventory development and verification
  • Utility-scale climate adaptation plans and sustainability programs
  • Economic and environmental impact analysis of energy efficiency and demand-side management programs
  • Resource planning & capacity expansion modeling
  • Financial and regulatory analysis of energy systems
  • Public utility rates, regulations and incentive mechanisms assessment
  • Regulatory proceedings expert witness testimony


Programming, mathematical and optimization models developed for conducting systems engineering research and policy analyses:

  • GAMS - linear programming and optimization
  • Matlab - numerical methods and data analysis
  • Decision analysis and risk assessment methodologies
  • Technology assessment and economic analyses
  • Power system capacity expansion model
  • Energy and environmental systems optimization model

Related Courses

CVEN 5831: Sustainable Energy Systems Development (Fall 2009)
Courses to be offered:

  • Power Generation Technologies & the Environment (Fall 2010)
  • Energy Systems Optimization and Linear Programming (Spring 2011)
  • Energy Systems Planning & Modeling (Fall 2011)

For complete, up-to-date course descriptions, visit the CU Denver academic catalog and search for the course names listed above.