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Structural Materials



Research in the area of structural materials covers:

  • structural materials
  • concrete materials
  • innovative construction and repair materials
  • sustainability through concrete materials
  • pervious concrete pavements
  • bridge engineering

Current and past research has been funded through the Federal Highway Administration, Colorado Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, Nucor Corporation and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Funded Research
“Beneficial Use of Waste Tires for Concrete Production in Colorado.” Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, ($103,285) 02/01/10 – 01/31/12, PI. S. Durham (funded)

“Evaluation of Thin-Bonded Overlays on Asphalt Surfaces with Anti-Icing Properties on I-76 and Weld County Road 53 (WCR 53) Structures” Colorado Department of Transportation, ($40,000) 08/01/09 through 10/31/10, PI. S. Durham

“Research Study Evaluating and Testing the Vulcraft Flush Seat Connection on an Ecospan Joist – Joist to Joist Girder Testing” Vulcraft – A Division of Nucor Corporation, ($42,893) 03/01/09 through 09/30/09, PI. S. Durham

“Research Study Evaluating the Specifications for Class H and HT Crack Resistant Concrete” Colorado Department of Transportation, ($47,000) 12/01/07 through 09/30/09, PI. S. Durham

“Research Study Evaluating and Testing the Vulcraft Flush Seat Connection on an Ecospan Joist – Joist to Wide Flange Testing” Vulcraft – A Division of Nucor Corporation, ($23,760) 12/01/07 through 7/30/08, PI. S. Durham
“Innovative Highway Construction Materials” Federal Highway Administration – Central Federal Lands Highway Division, ($30,000),  10/01/06 through 03/30/09, PI. S. Durham,
“Sustainable Concrete Bacterial Filtration System for Developing Communities”  Environmental Protection Agency – P3 Award, ($10,000), 08/01/06 through 07/31/07, PI. S. Durham, Co PI.’s: A. Ramaswami, D. Mays.

“Development of Resistive Concrete to Acidic Environments” UCDHSC Center for Faculty Development, ($2,000), 7/01/06 through 12/31/07, PI. S. Durham.

Unfunded Research
High Volume Fly Ash Concrete Mixtures

Examination of Concrete Mixtures Containing Blast Furnace Slag, Recycled Concrete Aggregate, and Crushed Aggregate

Test Procedures for the Laboratory and Field Examination of Pervious Concrete (in progress)

Internal Curing Methods for Pervious Concrete Pavement (in progress)

Evaluation of Post Clean Air Mercury Regulation Fly Ash Concrete (in progress)

Examination of High Volume Fly Ash for CDOT Class P Concrete Mixtures (2009)

Performance of Concrete Mixtures Used in Acidic Conditions (2007)
Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Bridge Decks (2007)

Comparison of Ultra-Fine Fly Ash and Silica Fume in Concrete Mixtures (2007)

Comparison Between the Standard AASHTO Bridge Design Specifications and the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications for Buried Concrete Structures (2006)


The Structural Engineering Laboratory is a state-of-the-art laboratory utilized for teaching and research in the area of structural materials, concrete materials and structural evaluation.

The laboratory is equipped with MTS load frames used to measure material properties of metals, concrete, wood, etc. In addition, the laboratory has a strong floor and overhead crane in which large structural elements can be tested. Concrete mixtures can be batched and tested in this laboratory.

Related Courses

CE 58xx – Advanced Concrete Materials
To acquire an advanced understanding of concrete materials and behavior.  This class will focus on the design of concrete mixtures for strength and durability.  In addition, laboratories will be conducted to examine testing methods for strength, permeability, freeze-thaw, sulfate attack, etc.  Additional topics will include critical properties of concrete, concrete construction, quality and testing, and trouble shooting and prevention

CE 58xx – Prestressed Concrete Design
This course is intended to provide the engineering student with the basic tools required to design and construct prestressed concrete structures.  Emphasis will be placed on the behavior of prestressed concrete under load along with potential failure mechanisms.

For complete, up-to-date course descriptions, visit the CU Denver academic catalog and search for the course numbers or names listed above.