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BS Bioengineering

Bioengineering is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines the mathematical and physical sciences with engineering principles to study biology, physiology, medicine, behavior and health. Bioengineering is emerging as the leading discipline at the interface of clinical sciences, basic research, and engineering and maintains focus on catalyzing technology to cure and prevent disease.

The University of Colorado Denver’s Department of Bioengineering is the first of its kind in Colorado. The undergraduate program provides rigorous training on both the Downtown Denver Campus (DDC) and the Anschutz Medical Campus (AMC). On the downtown campus, Bioengineering Pre-majors are trained in core background subjects. After completing the required pre-major requirements, students may then apply for the major and, if successful, transition to the Anschutz Medical Campus for the professional component of the degree.

The BS Bioengineering program emphasizes the professional competencies of leadership, communication, presentation and critical problem solving.  Students will learn: 

  • how to design new medical devices and technologies.
  • how the body responds to implanted medical devices.
  • how to generate solutions for current clinical and research problems using engineering principles.
  • how to discuss and present research and design to a variety of audiences.
  • how to convey research results in a precise clinical, academic, or entrepreneurial context.

These learning goals and the dual-campus model provide robust training for a variety of careers in the fast-growing biomedical and biotechnology industry. Graduates will also have an excellent foundation for continued education in science, engineering and medicine.  

Graduates of the undergraduate program in bioengineering are expected to attain at least one of the following objectives within a few years after graduation:

  1. Be employed as a professional in the biomedical engineering or related industry using knowledge and skills obtained in the program.
  2. Be progressing toward an advanced degree in: a) health sciences or medical school; b) graduate school; c) business or law school, or other advanced professional program.

Educational Resources

For any BS Bioengineering questions please contact the department at or 303-724-5893.