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What is bioengineering? Bioengineering is a highly interdisciplinary field that brings together 1) biological, chemical and physical sciences, 2) engineering and mathematics and 3) clinical medicine. Prospective students are encouraged to visit our Faculty and research pages for more information.

I have already earned a bachelors degree, but in a different academic discipline. May I apply for the BS in Bioengineering program? Second-degree students are welcome to apply to the College of Engineering and Applied Science as bioengineering pre-majors. However, due to course sequencing, bioengineering pre-majors (including new second-degree students) should not anticipate completing a Bachelors degree any earlier than eight full academic semesters (fall/spring) from the time they enroll in BIOE 1010. Please see the Admissions information on this site for more information.

How long will it take me to complete a BS in Bioengineering at CU Denver? The answer to this question varies from student to student. Factors that impact a students’ timeline include, but are not limited to: admissions eligibility, math and science and preparation, course availability, off-campus commitments etc. Because of course sequencing, students (including new transfers and second-degree students) should not anticipate graduating any earlier than eight full academic semesters (fall/spring) from the time they are enrolled in BIOE 1010.

I work full time. Is the BS in Bioengineering right for me? The BS in Bioengineering is an academically rigorous program that requires a significant amount of in and out-of-classroom work. Though many Bioengineering undergraduates balance work and school, it is those with considerable work flexibility that are most successful. Under most circumstances, only one or two sections of Bioengineering specific coursework are offered in a given semester. The Department does not currently offer classes in the evening or on the weekends.

I want to go to medical school. Is Bioengineering a good major for me? More than half of the current undergraduate Bioengineering students identify as a “premed”. Not only do a number of the Bioengineering requirements meet premed requirements, but the opportunity to study and work on a medical campus provides students with an excellent introduction to the health sciences and a valuable network of mentors and advisors.

As Bioengineering student, how much interaction will I have with the Anschutz Medical Campus?
The BS in Bioengineering is a dual-campus program. Bioengineering Pre-majors may attend programs and events at the Anschutz Medical Campus. A select few will also work with faculty in an undergraduate research capacity. Once admitted to the Bioengineering major, students’ upper-division major coursework and training will take place exclusively on the medical campus.

How do I get between the Denver and Anschutz Medical Campuses? There is a campus shuttle​ and a number of bus routes that travel between the two campuses.

How do I meet with someone to learn more about Bioengineering? The Department of Bioengineering hosts recruitment events throughout the year. The most popular events are the Fall and Spring Open Houses, where students can visit the Anschutz Medical Campus; meet staff and faculty, talk to current students, and attend a research and information fair. The Fall Open House is held in late October/early November and the Spring Open House in late March/early April. Information will be posted on our website at least a month in advance. Prospective undergraduates are also welcome to reach out to the undergraduate advisor​ and inquire about upcoming Prospective Information and Advising Sessions offered regularly throughout the year. ​