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Department of Bioengineering



  1. What is bioengineering?
    Bioengineering is a highly interdisciplinary field that brings together (1) biological, chemical and physical sciences, (2) engineering and mathematics, and (3) clinical medicine. Learn more on our Faculty and Research pages.

  2. What are the requirements for getting into the BS Bioengineering program?
    BS Bioengineering is a competitive, rigorous, highly quantitative program. We are looking for high performing students in the top of their high school class with a preference towards students with AP/IB credit. Learn more on our Admissions page.

  3. What kinds of careers can I expect when I graduate with a BS Bioengineering program?
    Bioengineers work in all types of industry, academic, and government settings. This is a rapidly growing field, with double-digit growth in the past decade and similar growth projected for the future. Our aging population is increasing the demand for sophisticated medical procedures. This is the domain of the bioengineer. The average starting salary for a bioengineer with a BS degree is over $50,000. The interdisciplinary, team-oriented nature of their training gives bioengineers strong leadership skills, and they are often successful in finding leadership positions in industry.

  4. I am currently enrolled in an engineering program at another school. How do I apply
    to your program?

    With the inaugural class beginning Fall 2013 the only bioengineering courses that will be offered Fall 2013 will be the year 1 courses. The full curriculum will not be available until Fall 2015, therefore the earliest graduation date for a BS Bioengineering degree is May 2017.  Before applying to the University as a transfer student, please contact the Bioengineering Advising Department to schedule an advising appointment.

  5. What is the current cost of tuition at CU Denver?
    Current tuition for undergraduate students can be found at the Bursar’s office.

  6. How much interaction will I have with the Anschutz Medical Campus?
    Students in BS Bioengineering spend the first two years of their program taking courses in various disciplines on the Downtown Denver Campus. During this time, the Bioengineering Lounge and Design Lab will be your main hangout and the location of your Bioengineering classes. In your junior year, your training will move to the Anschutz Medical Campus for the second two years of your degree. At the Anschutz Medical Campus you will work and study in a specially designed teaching and laboratory space dedicated to the BS Bioengineering Undergraduate Program.

  7. Can I be in the BS Bioengineering Program and the University Honors and Leadership (UHL) Program?
    These two programs are very compatible and we encourage students who are interested in Bioengineering to also consider the UHL program. If admitted to UHL, the Bioengineering advisors will work with you to accommodate the UHL and Bioengineering curricula.

  8. How do I get between the Downtown Denver Campus and Anschutz Medical Campus?
    There is a shuttle that travels between the two campuses. It is free to ride and has frequent departures.

  9. I want to go to medical school. Can the BS Bioengineering satisfy pre-med requirements?
    The BS Bioengineering degree is an excellent undergraduate degree to prepare you for a career in medicine.

  10. I want to go to graduate school. Where will I go from here?
    We can assist, whether you are interested in graduate training at UC Denver or elsewhere. With rigorous undergraduate training in Bioengineering, you will be well-prepared to enter graduate school in many disciplines at any university. We recommend that you talk with your bioengineering advisor about opportunities for undergraduate research.

  11. I'm really interested in a career in industry. How can I learn more about my options and opportunities?
    Many bioengineering core and affiliate faculty have spent time working in industry, and several have even developed their own companies. The entrepreneurial spirit lives in our Department and our faculty are more than happy to share their experiences with you. Also consider an internship through the Experiential Learning Center on the Downtown Denver Campus.

  12. How do I apply? 

    There is no direct admission to the Bioengineering Program. Students applying to the program must select Pre-Bioengineering (PRBE) as their "Field of Study" in the online application. If you are admitted as a Pre-Bioengineering students you will enroll in the Bioengineering Pre-Major courses and CU Denver core curriculum courses which are offered at the Denver Campus. Admittance to the Major in Bioengineering will be granted to students who have successfully completed all Pre-Bioengineering Major Coursework and who meet the program's selection criteria. The Major courses, which will be taught at the Anshcutz Medical Campus, will not be available until Fall 2015.  Apply Now.