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Department of Bioengineering


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Joshua St. Clair, PhD (2015-2017)
Former Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently: Healthcare Consultant, Boston Strategic Partners, Inc.

Aleena Notary
Former MS Student (Bioengineering Program)
Currently: Research Software Engineer at National Jewish Health, Quantitative Imaging Laboratory
Chris Wilson (2013-2015)
Former MS Student (Bioengineering Program)
Currently: Application Engineer at Ametek Engineered Medical Components
Thomas Hraha (2012-2014)
Former MS Student (Bioengineering Program)
Currently: Staff Scientist, SomaLogic LLC
Audrey Heintz (2015-2017)
Former Professional Research Associate
Currently: Professional Research Assistant, Aaron Michels Lab, University of Colorado Anschutz

Dallas Henderson (2016-2017)
Former Professional Research Associate

Marina Pozzoli (2012-2014)
Former Professional Research Associate
Currently: Research Technician, University of Bremen Center for Molecular Interactions
Linda Nguyen (2011-2012)
Former Professional Research Associate
Currently: DDS Student, University of Colorado - School of Dental Surgery
Kristi S Anseth, University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering 
Leslie S Satin, University of Michigan, Department of Pharmacology 
Dirk Homann​, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology
Luisa Mestroni, University of Colorado Denver, Adult Medical Genetics Program
Ronald Gill​, University of Colorado Denver, Professor of Surgery & Scientific Director CCTCARE


Graduate Student Opportunities
A number of research projects are available in our group. MS and PhD students interested in our laboratory should stop by the lab, or email Dr. Benninger.​
Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities
Competetive candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Benninger​ if they h​ave a specific interest in our laboratory. Please include a cover letter and CV.