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Department of Bioengineering



Training Pathways in Bioengineering

Basic Research

Are you interested in performing original research? This track emphasizes traditional research opportunities with a focus on scientific discovery. It is designed for students interested in pursuing research careers in academia or industry. This track includes a doctoral dissertation or masters thesis.

Translational Bioengineering

Are you interested in translating engineering concepts into clinically useful tools, diagnostics, treatments, devices, or research methods? This track highlights our affiliation with the School of Medicine. It is designed for students interested in academic or industry research as well as students interested in careers in regulatory agencies.


Are you interested in developing new biomedical devices and learning the process by which an idea progresses from inspiration to clinical use? This track emphasizes highly nontraditional work with its primary goal to commercialize novel biomedical technology, device, or application developed by the student. It is designed for students interested in starting up biomedical technology.