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Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering

New MS Track

​​Are you interested in working directly with patients with disabilities and the elderly to translate engineering designs into real world products? This track takes advantage of our partnership with the Assistive Technology Program (ATP), a world-class center focused on changing the lives of seniors and those with disabilities through the development of customized solutions specific to each subject. This area places emphasis on ​existing, emerging and new technologies designed to facilitate the lived experience of individuals with disabilities and the elderly. Rehabilitation engineering requires a broad knowledge of physical, cognitive and sensory impairments as they relate to specific disabilities across the lifespan and the functional impact of the aging process. Students in this track will work with engineers, industry professionals, clinicians and patients to improve existing technologies as well as create new technologies. Students will have both engineering and clinical mentors, and will be well prepared to work in hospitals, clinics, industry and governmental affiliations such as the Veterans Administration. Students graduating from this track will also have relevant experience and training to work within divisions at large technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, etc., to help refine technologies such that they are most useful for persons with cognitive or physical disabilities.