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Department of Bioengineering


Jennifer Wagner

Instructor - Bioengineering

Contact Information

Telephone: 303-724-9367

Curriculum Vitae​ (pdf)

Research Interests:

Developing strong relationships between clinicians and engineers is my goal as a professional member of the Anschutz campus community. Leveraging different skill sets and perspectives though collaborative teamwork will pave the way to more rapid and meaningful progression of clinical science and technology. Of particular interest to me is establishing, cultivating and operating within complex teams spanning the levels of student trainees to senior clinicians, scientists and industry leaders. Technically speaking, I believe medical image acquisition and processing techniques, to include fabrication of 3D models and surgical guides/tools, have the potential to transform the way clinical problems are viewed and tackled. Techniques for acquiring vast amounts of data are outpacing processing tools for efficient and effective utilization of patient data. Using mathematical techniques, additive manufacturing and engineering problem solving skills I intend to participate in advancing medical image processing and data utilization pipelines for advancing the realization of personalized medicine. Additionally, I take interest in materials science projects from tissue engineering to material characterization. Projects such as 4 dimensional biological printing are appearing on my radar along with the practical considerations of integrating such technologies into clinical practice. Traditional device design and development, from problem identification to manufacturing solutions, is also something I enjoy participating in.