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Bioengineering Lab


Located in North Classroom 2205, the Bioengineering Laboratory has been active since 1984 and was given “laboratory status” by the University of Colorado Denver in 1993. The Bioengineering Laboratory was initiated and is directed by Professor J.K.E. Ortega. Professor Ortega has received funding from the NSF since 1986 to support the research conducted in the lab.

Research conducted in the Bioengineering Laboratory uses the pressure probe to measure and control the turgor pressure inside single algal, fungal and plant cells. Many new pressure-probe methods have been developed in the lab since 1984, and the Bioengineering Laboratory is considered one of the best “pressure-probe” laboratories in the world.

For information about the Bioengineering Laboratory, contact Professor J. Kenneth Ortega: 303-556-8489 or

Previous research by Professor Ortega has derived, developed and established quantitative biophysical equations that describe expansive growth of cells with walls, i.e., algal, fungal and plant cells. The objective of the current research project is to obtain insight into relationships between the biophysical variables and associated biological processes that control expansive growth and growth behavior by using mutant cells that exhibit abnormal growth behavior.

Courses related to the Bioengineering Laboratory include:

  • MECH 3147 Bioengineering
  • MECH 5238 Cellular Biomechanics

For complete, up-to-date course descriptions, visit the UC Denver academic catalog and search for the course numbers listed above.