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Communication and Signal Processing



There are several research areas of communication and signal processing:

  • algorithms for computer-communication networks
  • algorithms for sensor networks
  • communication theory
  • design of wavelet-based encoding/decoding algorithms for digital communication
  • image compression
  • image compression using wavelet transform modulus maxima
  • information theory
  • objective-oriented neural networks
  • signal denoising
  • signal processing with wavelets
  • statistical inference
  • statistical signal processing
  • stochastic processes
  • wavelet-based image fusion
  • wavelet-based processing of bio-signals


Current research projects within communication and signal processing include:

  • Modeling and Detection of Cyber Exploits in Communication Networks, U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • "Modeling Communications Infrastructures and Cyber Vulnerabilities in Command and Control Architectures," AFOSR FA9550-05-1-0388

Faculty Information

Joseph Beaini, MS, Instructor

Jan Bialasiewicz, PhD, Associate Professor

Miloje Radenkovic, PhD, Professor

Related Courses

Graduate Courses:

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  • ELEC 5252 - Computer Communication Networks
  • ELEC 5617 - Random Processes for Engineers
  • ELEC 5637 - Digital Signal Processing
  • ELEC 5638 - Digital Image Processing
  • ELEC 5647 - Adaptive Signal Processing
  • ELEC 5657 - Detection and Estimation Theory
  • ELEC 5667 - Wavelets Theory and Applications
  • ELEC 5810 - Blind Signal Processing

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