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Power Lab


The Power Laboratory (North Classroom 2613) in University of Colorado Denver is designed to offer students a firm understanding on theories from power and energy related courses, as well as hands-on experience on complex system design and up-to-date equipments so that the students can be well-prepared for the related field as a professional.

The laboratory’s equipment includes:

  • Three-phase circuit simulators
  • DC machine drive system
  • Induction machine drive system
  • Synchronous servo machine drive system
  • Educational three-phase inverter system
  • Induction machine controller development kit
  • Motor/Generator test bed
  • Computer-based control system
  • Microcontroller systems
  • Windmill generator system
  • Up-to-date instruments

Fernando Mancilla-David, PhD, Assistant Professor
Web site:

Jae-Do Park, PhD, Assistant Professor
Web site:

The Power Laboratory supports experiments for courses such as energy conversion, electric drive systems, practical electric drive systems, power electronics and renewable energy, and they range from simple circuit simulations to development of complex applications that can be readily utilized in the real-world systems for graduate-level.

Undergraduate Courses:
ELEC 3164 – Energy Conversion
ELEC 3724 – Power Laboratory I
ELEC 4174 – Power Electronic Systems

Crosslisted Courses:
ELEC 4184/5184 – Power Systems Analysis
ELEC 4807/5807 – Electric Drive Systems
ELEC 4808/5808 – Renewable Energy Systems

Graduate Courses:
ELEC 5813 – Energy Systems Planning

For complete, up-to-date course descriptions, visit the UC Denver academic catalog and search for the course numbers listed above.