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Mark Golkowski, PhD

Associate Professor - Electrical Engineering

Contact Information

Office: North Classroom, Room 2518-A
Telephone: 303-315-7577

Research Interests

Electromagnetic waves
Phenomena of the ionosphere and magnetosphere
Waves in plasmas
Biomedical applications of plasma discharges
Interactions of fields and matter

Curriculum Vitae: Down​load​


Mark Golkowski is an assistant professor in the electrical engineering at the University of Colorado Denver. His areas of interest involve electromagnetics and plasma physics in nature and the laboratory. Mark Golkowski has done extensive experimental work with the HAARP facility in Gakona Alaska involving probing the ionosphere and magnetosphere. He is also leading work on using plasma discharges for disinfection and decontamination in the medical field.

Research Interests

Electromagnetic waves in the ionosphere and magnetosphere
Plasma discharges for decontamination/sterilization and treatment of live tissue
Active experiments with the HAARP facility
Interactions of fields and matter

​Honors and Awards​

University of Colorado Denver Graduate School Dean’s Mentoring Award
University of Colorado Denver College of Engineering and Applied Science
National Science Foundation CAREER Award
IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetisim and Aeronomy) Young Scientist Award for Excellence
Outstanding Student Paper Award American Geophysical Union

Course Descriptions

ELEC 3133. Electromagnetic Fields.

This is the first course in fundamental electromagnetic phenomena offered in the department.  Basic material is covered, including: vector analysis in generalized coordinates, Maxwell's equations postulated for free space and extended to material regions and boundary conditions, uniform plane waves for free space and for materials, and static and quasi-static electric and magnetic fields. Prereq: ELEC 2132, MATH 3195, 2421 and PHYS 2331.

ELEC 4133/5033. Advanced Electromagnetic Fields.

This is the second course in fundamental electromagnetic phenomena offered in the department.  Topics include: Poynting’s power theorem, reflection and transmission of uniform plane waves in layered media, two-conductor transmission lines, rectangular wave guides, Smith Chart elements of radiation ands antenna theory. Prereq: ELEC 3133.  Graduate students wanting to receive graduate credit should enroll in EE 5033 and will be required to write a report on a current research article in addition to regular course work.

ELEC 5133. Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas.

Solution of inhomogeneous wave equation. Radiation fields of elementary dipole, linear wire antenna, uniform and non-uniform linear arrays. Array synthesis. Farzone field patterns, directivity and beamwidth. Diffraction fields of aperture sources, horn antenna, conic surface reflector sources, lens antenna. Ray tracing methods. Transient-receive link. Selected Topics. Prereq: ELEC 4133, graduate standing and permission of instructor.

ELEC 5433. Fundamentals and Applications of Plasmas

This course provides an introduction to plasmas, also known as the fourth state of matter, in nature and industry. Topics covered include single particle motion, plasma kinetic and fluid theory, cold and warm plasma models, and interaction of electromagnetic waves with plasmas. Applications ranging from space sciences to medicine will be explored. ​

Research Group

The overarching area of interest of Professor Golkowski's research group is the interactions of electromagnetic fields and matter and associated applications. This includes electromagnetic wave propagation and modeling, plasma discharges, waves in space and radio science. Research efforts can be classified into two sub-areas:

  • Phenomena of the ionosphere and magnetosphere:
    • Wave generation and radio science with the 3.6 MW HAARP ionospheric facility in Gakona, Alaska
    • Interactions of waves and energetic particles
    • Long distance wave propagation for communications and probing
  • Medical applications of EM waves and plasma discharges:
    • Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma discharges for disinfection and sterilization
    • Electromagnetic waves in the human body


Professional Activities


  • Consultant- Super Pulse, Ithaca NY, 2005 - present

Conference/workshop chair positions

  • Session Co-Chair, Waves in plasmas, Commission H - URSI National Radio Science Meeting, 2010


  • Member American Geophysical Union
  • Member Commission H URSI
  • Member IEEE

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