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Parallel and Distributed Systems


Department research in parallel processing and distributed systems includes application programs, programming languages, algorithm design, computer architectures, operating systems, performance evaluation and simulation. Professor Gita Alaghband has an interest in Web-based educational simulation projects for students who are proficient in Web-based programming and software engineering.

With the new multi-core architectures, parallel processing research is at the heart of developing new software, systems and algorithms in order to be able to take advantage of the underlying parallelism. Professor Alaghband has a broad research interest in all aspects of parallel and distributed systems. A thorough understanding of all aspects of parallel architectures, systems, software and algorithms is necessary to be able to achieve the performance of the new parallel computers and supercomputers.


Students interested in researching parallel and distributed systems have the opportunity to work on many diverse projects including, new parallel languages, weather modeling, load balancing, simulation and many others. For some of the project topics see Professor Gita Alaghband's list of sample projects. She has co-authored numerous research articles with her students.

Professor Alaghband has been involved in the design of the Force parallel programming language for scientific high-performance applications, one of the first such languages. She and her team have ported the language to more than 12 multiprocessors. Her work on temporal characterization of parallel program performance was funded by an NSF Research Initiation Award, and her work on sparse matrices resulted in a new methodology for parallel solution of large sparse linear systems of equations on shared memory multiprocessors.

The textbook Fundamentals of Parallel Processing, published by Prentice Hall, is the result of Professor Alaghband's research and teaching experience.


The Parallel Distributed Systems Lab is a 192-core cluster that supports teaching and research in all areas of parallel and distributed computing: advanced computer architectures, operating systems, parallel programming languages, applications and high-performance computing and networking.

The computer user lab is located in North Classroom, room 2608.

Visit the Parallel Distributed Systems Lab Webpage for more information.

Faculty Information

Gita Alaghband, Professor and Department Chair, Co-Director of CSIS PhD Program

Web page:
Phone: 303-556-2940
Fax: 303-556-8369
University of Colorado Denver
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Campus Box 109
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Research Interests

All areas of parallel and distributed systems including, application programs, programming languages, algorithm design, computer architectures, operating systems, performance evaluation and simulation

Teaching Interests

  • Advanced Computer Architectures
  • Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
  • Advanced Topics in Parallel Processing
  • Computer Architectures
  • Operating Systems (Graduate & Undergraduate)
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems

Related Courses

Graduate courses (MS and PhD):

  • CSCI 5551/7551: Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • CSCI 5552/7552: Advanced Topics in Parallel Processing
  • CSCI 5573: Operating Systems
  • CSCI 5574/7554: Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
  • CSCI 5593: Advanced Computer Architectures
  • CSCI 5565/7565: Computer Networks
  • CSCI 5799/7799: High Performance Network-Based Computing
  • CSCI 6960: MS Project
  • CSCI 6950: MS Thesis
  • CSCI 8990: Doctoral Dissertation

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