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High-Performance Distributed Computing



Research interests within the areas of high-performance distributed computing and communication include computer networks, developing adaptive distributed system software and high-speed communication system software to support high-performance distributed computing (HPDC) applications.

HPDC (e.g., grid computing, cluster computing and cloud computing) is the field that effectively utilizes the advances in high-speed networks, software technology and parallel processing to deliver cost-effective high-performance computing. Another important, closely related research area is the development of middleware systems.


Here are some of the in-progress projects we're working on in the DECENT lab.

Web-based Hospital Computerized Disaster Information and Management System

We're working to develop a novel Web-service-based Computerized Disaster Information and Management System (CDIMS) to direct disaster management by hospitals. CDIMS will assist with disaster preparation as well as command and communications during a disaster. This project is funded by NIH (with Drs. Little and Ward-Gaines, Grant number: 1G08LM009710-01, May 2008-May 2011).

Autonomic Computing Environments (Autonomia)

This project provides the application developers with all the tools required to specify the appropriate control and management schemes to maintain any quality of service requirement or application attribute/functionality (e.g., performance, fault, security, etc.) and the core autonomic middleware services to maintain the autonomic requirements of a wide range of network applications and services.

Workflow based Grid-Computing for Problem Solving Environments

We're developing a grid portal that provides runtime environments and task-developing tools for large and complex computational science problems.

Self-Healing Networks

We're working to develop network management system that can detect some possible failures in a network system and recover from failures to avoid catastrophic disasters.

Proactive runtime communication management agent (PROMA)

PROMA is capable of proactively and adaptively configuring and managing applications' communication environments by a predictive communication environment model that represents the communication requirements of applications and current network status.


The DECENT Lab at the University of Colorado Denver is an interdisciplinary research and teaching facility that is shared between the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Business School.

It is dedicated to the research and development of high-performance distributed computing and computer networking techniques. Current research topics include adaptive high-performance communication systems, adaptive virtual distributed computing environments, and high-performance storage area networks.

The lab is equipped with the high-performance, PC-based Beowulf cluster for high-performance distributed computing, and with several Cisco routers and Intel switches for facilitating the current instructional delivery methods, including Internet, interactive audio/video and traditional classroom settings, as well as research activities in computer networks.

Faculty Information

Ilkyeun Ra, Associate Professor

Research Area: High-Performance Distributed Computing, Computer Networks

Short Bio

Ilkyeun [il kyun] Ra holds a PhD degree in computer and information science from Syracuse University in 2001, an MS degree in computer science from University of Colorado at Boulder and a BS degree and MS degree in computer science from Sogang University.

He was a research staff member at the LG Information and Communications (Currently LG Telecom) Research Center. He joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver 2001.

Contact Information:

Web page:
Office: North Classroom (NC) 2605-C
Phone: 303-556-2371
Fax: 303-556-8369
University of Colorado Denver
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Campus Box 109
1200 Larimer Street
Denver, Colorado 80204

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