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Computer Science and Engineering

Interested in our Peer Mentoring program? Check out our website or email us at And don’t forget to check out the Department of Computer Science and Engineering Seminar Series beginning spring 2018. The current seminar schedule is available here.

Mission & Vision 

With the advances in technology and the rapid and prevalent growth of the information-based economy, computer science has become an enabling science for nearly all disciplines that impacts engineering, sciences, business, health, and government. The future of the discipline promises even more innovative advances. We in the Department ofComputer Science and Engineering at University of Colorado Denver are committed to providing outstanding education and research training to our diverse undergraduate and graduate students for productive careers in industry, academia, and government in the Denver metropolitan area, state and beyond. Our faculty strive for excellence in teaching, research, and service by covering a broad spectrum of the core fundamentals of the discipline as well as applied aspects including those of interdisciplinary nature. We will actively engage our students in classroom and out-of-classroom research and help them develop the skills needed to solve complex real-world technological problems of our modern society. 

The Computer Science and Engineering Department offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees:

  • The undergraduate BS degree is awarded in Computer Science (CS). This curriculum is a rigorous study covering theory, software, hardware and their interfaces providing students with a coherent and in-depth education of key components of the field.
  • The MS degree is awarded in Computer Science (CS) to those students who wish to pursue graduate studies to further develop their education. The MS in CS graduate program covers the core knowledge of key concepts of the computer science as well as offers flexibility to pursue specializing in various fields of interests.
  • The PhD in Computer Science and Information System (CSIS) is an interdisciplinary and joint program between the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the College of Engineering and Applied Science and Information Systems program at the School of Business. The program offers a CS track with PhD degree awarded in CSIS from the College of Engineering and an IS track were the degree is awarded in CSIS from the School of Business.
  • The PhD in Engineering and Applied Science (EAS) is an interdisciplinary program in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The program offers several interdisciplinary tracks with specialization in one of the home departments: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering and a second home for sub-specialization. 

The Department also provides a five year dual BS-MS degree option to advanced undergraduate computer science students. 

In addition, the department offers: 

  • Undergraduate Computer Science Minor
  • Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Science (under development)
  • Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security and Defense