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Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering

This certificate is designed for working professionals, or computer science students beginning careers, in the fields of software engineering and software development. This certificate requires a previous computer science or systems engineering degree. At the start of the certificate progra​m students are expected to have a strong understanding of software ​development in terms of software construction, software coding and basic software design.

Certificate Objectives

To provide working or career oriented students with knowledge and practice of the applied skills needed to become successful software engineers.

To provide working or career oriented students with knowledge and understanding of the skills needed to successfully advance their careers as software engineers. 

Process to Attain Certificate Objectives

Students are presented with three separate courses

  • Software Arc​hitecture
  • Supporting Project Management
  • Data Systems 

Students must take and pass each course to obtain the Software Engineering Certificate.

Course objectives

Software Architecture

Students learn:

  • What software architecture is and how it relates to the software system development processes
  • What software architects should know and the soft skills needed
  • The various duties a software architect has within a development
  • The important aspects of software systems and structuring techniques to support them
  • Architecture styles and patterns
  • Applied architecture techniques
Supporting Project Management

Besides creating software architectures and developing software, software engineers must be capable of performing many analysis tasks in support of the project.  Students learn:

  • How to perform reliability and availability analysis
  • How to perform performance modeling and analysis
  • How to perform cost estimates
  • How to perform scheduling and dependency analysis
Data Systems

Data and persistent storage is an important concept in any complex software system. Large amounts of data presents its own problems, which are usually neglected in most software system developments.  Students learn:

  • The appropriate contexts and models for shared data
  • The necessary support functions needed for shared data
  • Appropriate interface and access methods for shared data
  • Data system architectures​