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College of Engineering and Applied Science

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UC Denver

Construction Engineering and Management Program

Master of Engineering degree

The interdisciplinary Master of Engineering in Construction Engineering and Management at the University of Colorado Denver prepares the next generation of construction engineers with the requisite set of skills to be effective leaders and managers within this ever-evolving industry.

The CU Denver Construction Engineering and Management Program is the only cooperative, interdisciplinary CEM program in the state backed by industry and supported by accredited schools of architecture and business. 

Construction engineering and management concerns the design, planning and management of the construction of structures (highways, bridges, airports, buildings, dams, reservoirs, light and high-speed rail systems and their associated transit-oriented development). The program provides the necessary leadership for complex construction projects and subsequent management of such structures throughout their useful life.

Graduates of the program are prepared to engage in all responsibilities of construction engineers, including building and site design, planning and leading construction schedules, construction quality assurance and control, building and site surveys, the design, location and timing of temporary structures and on-site material testing.

In addition to engineering courses in transportation, structures, soils, sustainability and more, faculty in the Business School provide expertise in leadership, managing for sustainability, project management, decision analysis and quality and process improvement while faculty in the College of Architecture and Planning add expertise in green building technology, LEED certification, construction documents and managing quality and risks.

Contact civil engineering department chair Kevin Rens, or 303-556-2871 for more information.

The Master of Engineering in Construction Engineering and Management provides students with rigorous scientific knowledge, business principles and the engineering tools necessary for life-long careers in the ever-changing technical and managerial environment of the construction industry. Students who successfully complete the curriculum will be prepared for entry into the construction engineering/project management or related fields of study, such as business, law and other engineering disciplines.


Construction Engineering and Management general courses

CVEN 5231 – Construction Engineering I
CVEN 5232 – Construction Engineering II
MGMT 6808 – Leadership Development

Sustainability in Construction Engineering

ARCH 6310 – Greenbuilding Tech
ARCH 6390 – LEED Certification: Greenbuilding Seminar I
CVEN 5460 – Introduction to Sustainable Urban Infrastructure
CVEN 5461 – Defining and Measuring Sustainability
CVEN 5481 – Sustainable Urban Water Systems
MGMT 6821 – Managing for Sustainability

Transportation Infrastructure Design, Construction and Management

CVEN 54xx – Sustainable Transportation Oriented Development (STOD)
CVEN 5631 – Transportation Planning Methods
CVEN 56xx – Light Rail Design, Construction and Management
CVEN 5xxx – Railroad Transportation Engineering
CVEN 5xxx – Railroad System Planning, Design and Construction

Construction Project Financial Planning and Risk Management

ARCH 6373 – Construction in Design Build
ARCH 6412 – Construction Documents
BLAW 3000 – Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BUSN 6540 – Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BUSN 6630 – Management of Operations
CVEN 5233 – Bidding Construction Projects
DSCI 6440 – Quality and Process Improvement
DSCI 6460 – Decision Analysis
DSCI 6480 – Simulation Modeling
DSCI 6820 – Project Management
FNCE 3809 – Introduction to Risk Management
FNCE 6330 – Financial Decisions and Policies

High-Tech Building Construction

CVEN 4575 – Structural Steel Design
CVEN 4585 – Reinforced Concrete Design
CVEN 5xxx – Mechanical and Electrical Systems
CVEN 5xxx – High-Tech Building and Industrial Construction
CVEN 5xxx – Preconstruction Project Engineering and Management
CVEN 5xxx – Design of Construction Systems
CVEN 5233 – Bidding Construction Projects 

Heavy Highway Construction

CVEN 5662 – Airport Planning and Design
CVEN 5663 – Transportation System Safety
CVEN 5682 – Pavement Design
CVEN 5708 – Advanced Soils Engineering
CVEN 5719 – Construction of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Structures
CVEN 5738 – Foundation Engineering
CVEN 5233 – Bidding Construction Projects 

Course descriptions may be found in the CU Denver catalog. Not all courses are offered each semester.

The Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) program is a professional master’s degree program created in partnership with Denver’s construction and engineering community. The CEM Advisory Board includes industry leaders who have strong knowledge of industry work force needs and have reinforced the pressing need for a strong pipeline of engineers from CU Denver to become the industry’s future leaders.

Advisory board members

  • David Bennetts, Manager, Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
  • Jeffrey Clevenger, Managing Principal, Jacobs
  • Dave Conover, Senior Vice President, HDR
  • Carlos deMoraes, retired transportation engineer
  • Taryn Edwards, Senior Vice President, Saunders Construction
  • David Frazier, Vice President, Merrick & Company
  • Richard Hepworth, Vice President, Hepworth-Pawlak Geotechnical, Inc.
  • Jim Johnson, President, GE Johnson Construction Company
  • Jeff Kullman, Vice President, Transportation Division Manager, Atkins
  • Gary Meggison, Senior Vice President, RJM Construction
  • J.J. O’Brien, Programmatic Closure Manager, Global Security Group, URS
  • Keith Platte, Project Manager, SAIC Energy, Environment and Infrastructure

The Master of Engineering requires 27 credit hours of course work including the 3 courses contained in a general Construction Engineering and Management CORE as well as 3 credit hours of master’s report work, totaling 30 credit hours. All students must satisfactorily complete a written comprehensive exam and an oral defense of either the master’s thesis or master’s report to their program committee, which must include two or more graduate faculty members and one committee member from the construction industry.

To capitalize on the interdisciplinary nature of the program, students are encouraged to take up to 12 credit hours in courses in related areas outside of engineering.

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