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College of Engineering and Applied Science

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UC Denver
Teaching kids about 
green chemistry and STEM Rethinking Prosthetics Shifting focus: research centers around patient outcomes Improving the odds for pediatric cardiology patients Google Research Award supports work in capacitive touchscreen communication
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CU south Denver at the Wildlife Experience

Additional programs will be available this fall at the new CU South Denver.

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Retrieving Data
  • Oct. 28 - CEAS seminar
  • Oct. 30 - Akram Atallah presentation
  • Nov. 4 - CEAS seminar
  • Nov. 6 - ACM tech expo.
  • Nov. 18 - CEAS seminar
  • Nov. 24 - 28: Fall Break
  • Dec. 2 - CEAS seminar
  • Dec. 8 - 12: Finals week
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