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College of Architecture and Planning University of Colorado Denver

College of Architecture & Planning

Center for Sustainable Urbanism

Center Activities


The Center for Sustainable Urbanism is essentially a network of persons having common or complementary interests.  But within this network, faculty members and other senior researchers are the main orchestrators of new initiatives in research and other forms of creative involvement.  The Center’s content, then, is driven largely by those who wish to participate.  The focus of such participation is upon discovery, and the transmission of the practical insights that discovery yields to a pertinent wider audience of citizens, professionals and policy-makers through appropriate avenues including direct engagement with interested audiences, publication and other forms of consultation.   It is these faculty members and other senior researchers who will define projects, assemble appropriate teams of allied researchers, secure external funding, manage funded projects, and release findings.  The Center provides the institutional infrastructure that enables these persons to proceed in the most efficient manner from conceptualization through project execution. 

These Center activities include:

  • Networking within and beyond the University.  Such networking can be both a precursor to project development, and a successor to completed projects, as we move to nurture Center research themes, and parlay individual accomplishments into a series of more enveloping research agendas.  One vehicle for the Center’s contribution to public education will be the Center Forum
  • Seed Funding for Proposal Development
  • Grant Monitoring in Collaboration with College and Campus Offices
  • Return of Overhead to Center, and to Project Leaders and Principal Investigators
  • Release and Publication of Findings to insure that results reach the proper audiences and do so in a manner that assures the credibility of our findings, and their favorable impact. 
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