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How to avoid getting a login prompt on a list web part


My List Web Part is Prompting Me to Login

The list or data view web part in SharePoint 2010 is used to show records from a list on a web page. You can learn more about using the web part here.

Sometimes when one of these web parts is in place on one of our webpages, it will prompt a site visitor to sign in. This occurs if the visitor has clicked on the web part.
It usually looks like this:

A login prompt over a list web part

This situation can be avoided by adjusting a setting in in the web part. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in
  2. Edit the page featuring the web part
  3. Edit the web part
  4. Go to the web part setting menu in the upper right of the screen.
  5. Under the List Views area of the web part settings interface, locate the ‘Toolbar Type’ field
  6. Set the Toolbar Type field to ‘Full Toolbar’ you may also have success with ‘No Toolbar’
  7. Save the web part
  8. Check in the page
  9. Publish the page

Data view web part toolbar type setting



No further prompts should appear from the web part. If you have further issues with the web part please contact our help desk.


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