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How to restore a With Approval site

How to restore the With Approval site template as an option on your New Site interface

1. Browse to the area where you would like the With Approval site template to be available.
2. Sign in as a siteowner
3. From Site Actions, select Site Settings
4. On the following page, under the Look and Feel section, select Page Layouts and Site Templates
     A) On the resulting page, under the Subsite Templates section, make sure that the  Subsites can only use the following site templates: radio button is selected
     B) In the two select boxes below, add Public Web Site - with Approval (All) from the left text area to the right by clicking on Public Web Site - with Approval (All) in the left box and clicking the Add button
5. Confirm that the Page Layouts section and New Page Default Settings have not been accidentally changed
6. Click OK
7. Confirm that the process has started successfully
8. Wait for the confirmation screen
9. Return to the area where you wanted to create a With Approval site
10. From Site Actions, select New Site
11. Confirm that Public Web Site - with Approval (All) is now an option


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