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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Film and Television (BFA)

Theatre, Film, and Video Production Department

​​This comprehensive program is designed to give students the foundations to succeed in the film and television industries. Students will gain experience and knowledge in all aspects of production. They will learn how to conceptualize, write, produce and edit a wide variety of film and television projects. Examples of these projects include: short fiction, documentary, episodic television, TV studio production, public service announcements, promotional trailers, digital effects (i.e.. green screen, color correction, computer-based 2D animation) and commercials.  Additionally, students will learn to write with professional proficiency in each of these formats.  Throughout their college careers, students will have the experience of screening their work in our bi-annual student film festival called, Cinefest. Then, during their senior year, students will have the opportunity to engage in a distinctive Capstone film project. Students will perform in all the key production tasks as writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors and production personnel for these film and television projects.

The Film and Television B.F.A. program at CU Denver is a rigorous curriculum that has been designed in such a way that students will progress through their semesters as a group. This cohort model is helpful in building healthy working relationships among peers, which will in turn promote unity between students that will last far beyond the college experience and into future careers.  This spirit of collaboration is fundamental to personal and professional endeavors in the cinematic arts.

circular_camera_2students.jpgAnother hallmark of the program is its focus on professional mentorship.  Students will not only work on their own projects but will assist on group projects, like our episodic web series, a television pilot and our various faculty/department sponsored film projects.  Each faculty member is a working professional.  Their expertise extends into all aspects of the film/television field and includes numerous awards and film/television productions with national and international distribution. 

Given the technological needs of the industry of film and television, our department is dedicated to having students use state-of-the-art equipment and software to prepare for the evolving media industry. After completing this competitive program students will possess marketable skills for industry work and/or graduate school.

Film-Students.jpgTogether, all these components make up a solid educational experience that will be challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling. The College of Arts & Media is committed to nurturing students to create “art of consequence” and this program is based on this premise at its core.

We are an accredited four-year quality university education to prepare you for the future.  You deserve it!  For more specific information, please contact Professor David Liban​, call (303)-556-2311 contact an Advisor at​.​

View our student produced Web Series at:

Student Success Stories

Aaron KoppEmmy nominated cinematographer who shot and co-produced the Academy Award winning HBO documentary short "Saving Face." He was also awarded an $80,000 MacArthur Foundation grant for his documentary, "Liyana."

Kyle Cowan, raised $55,418 on Kickstarter to finance his feature Camouflage.  He wrote, directed and starred in this recently completed production.  Trailer:

Matt Kinsey was nominated for 2013 broadcast Emmy for his work as a producer on So You Think You Dance.​​