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​​​This page contains helpful links and resources pertaining to Human Resources. This is a good starting point for HR inquiries. If you do not find what you are looking for please visit CU Anschutz's HR page or CU Denver's HR page, or inquire with your business partner.

The Checkout notification is required once the employee has separated from the university.​

  • Please ensure a student employee has separated from all University appointments prior to submitting the check out notification.

For university staff or classified staff separation please refer to the information below and work with your unit’s business partner.

Notice of resignation: A notice of resignation must be provided from the employee.

Acknowledgement of resignation letter: The employee must receive an acknowledgement letter from the university. Work with your business partner to ensure that is completed.

Separation Payout: Employees who are separating from the university may be entitled to a separation payout of their unused leave time. Individuals who are retiring may be paid for unused sick time, while most employees are paid out for their vacation time. To review these policies visit the Employee Services page.

Additional Pay requires multilevel approval and is separate from an employees primary job responsility. This pay is non-base building & temporary in nature.

Additional Pay (AP) may require a Memorandum of understanding (MOU), or the utilization of the AP Form​​. Please contact​to determine how to best proceed with an additional pay request.​

  • Please note the employees department must enter the employees additional pay via HCM.

Positions are limited to nine months of continuous employment with a four-month break OR nine months of employment in any 12 month period followed by a four-month break. Temporary employees are paid on a bi-weekly/hourly basis.

To request a hire of a 9 month Temporary employee or retiree, please submit a brief job description along with the temporary questionnaire​ to your department business partner.

Student positions are categorized into work-study positions and hourly positions. 

All student employees (undergraduate, graduate, professional) must be enrolled in some credit-earning capacity during the semester in which they are employed. Please refer to the Student Employment Handbook for guidance.

Students may only work 25 hours a week or 50 hours in a bi-weekly pay period. 

Refer to the 2020-2021 Student Employment Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar for deadlines and upload dates.

The Personal Information Worksheet can be used for gathering personal information from students who do not have a previous appointment with the University

Please note, students need to notify their 1st appointment supervisor if they are planning on taking on an additional appointment.

International Student employees will need to schedule an appointment with CU Denver International Tax Specialist. Please refer to the International Employee Resource for guidance.

For more information, refer to the checklist for hiring students in HCM.


Resources relating to Student Employment

Using MyLeave is required for all employees to track their time.

All employees including student employees must set up their MyLeave, refer to MyLeave initial set up and time entry

In order for your business partner to load reported time to HCM in accordance with the payroll calendar deadlines, supervisors must approve submitted timesheets prior to the deadlines for both bi-weekly and monthly employees. Below you will find helpful My Leave resources for business partners.

Follow the Monthly Time Collection Processes for loading time.

Load time in accordance to the payroll calendar and employee type.


Resources related to Time Collection:

Manual entries and off-cycles are for missed payments and timesheets, correcting time. For a more in-depth guide, view the document below.

Manually Entering Reported Time

For more information about time collection view the HCM Community page here.

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