LRC Pro-Staff Online Resources


General Website update requests:

Please use this link to request website updates.


LRC Creative Resources Folder

OneDrive shared folder container all LRC creative resources



Academic Guide Scheduling:

Please use this link to request schedule updates to the question session schedules.




Creative Resources/Content Requests:

Please use this link to request content creation from the Creative Team (Tyson and Caleb).


Creative Team Resources:

Color palettes from CU Gold base color.



LRC site git repository:

If you need to make a change to the website and Caleb Theil is unavailable, find the document in this repository. This document will explain how to review and make edits to the code.

stores the original code for the LRC site. 

Instructional Videos on Making Edits for the Website



Downloading GitHub Desktop and the VSCode app:

Installing Extensions in VSCode:

Publishing changes from VSCode to Sitefinity:

GitHub & VSCode Workflow:

in this video, I walk you through a typical workflow using GitHub branches and VSCode to make updates to the website. 

Link to LRC Website Update instructional videos youtube playlist:


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