Demonstration on the Auraria Campus

The national, highly coordinated anti-war movement that is sweeping college campuses across the nation came to the Auraria Campus on Thursday, April 25. A group of individuals—including students, CU community members, and many others not affiliated with our Auraria Campus institutions—initiated a demonstration and subsequent camping on the Tivoli Quad that is ongoing.

Peaceful assembly and free speech are encouraged and supported on the Auraria Campus. Camping on campus is in violation of Auraria Campus policy prohibiting camping, which was established two decades ago to ensure a safe campus environment and our ability to operate and fulfill our academic mission. CU Denver leaders and professional staff continue to meet with our student government leadership, as well as campus leadership and city and state officials to arrive at a path forward. Please refer to this page for communications updates and FAQs.

We will continue to add and update some of the most common questions over time.

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