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University of Colorado Denver Facilities Management

Regulatory Compliance

Environmentally Friendly Housekeeping Practices


In addition to helping the environment by reducing energy consumption, the university campuses also incorporates many ECO-Friendly housekeeping methods. Some ECO-Friendly housekeeping methods include environmentally friendly cleaning products, practices for cleaning, proper disposal of cleaning chemicals, and appropriate personal training.

  • Review our Green Housekeeping Chemical list
  • Review our Custom-Green Program
  • Housekeeping Chemical List

    Currently Being Used Green Reference
    Restroom Products
    RTD - Virex 256 Hospital Grade Quat Disinfectant EPP Product
    RTD - Crew Restroom Floor and Surface Cleaner EPP Product
    RTD - Crew Bath and Scale Remover Green Seal
    RTD - Crew Bath and Scale Remover Green Seal
    General Cleaners
    RTD - Alpha HP Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Green Seal Certified
    RTD - Glance Non Ammon. Glass Cleaner Green Seal
    RTD- Alpha HP Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Green Seal
    Floor Products
    RTD - Stride Neutral Cleaner Green Seal Certified
    Vectra Floor Finish EPP Product
    Carpet Products
    RTD - Heavy Duty Prespray Plus Green Seal Certified
    RTD - Extraction Rinse EPP Product
    General Purpose Spotter EPP Product


    Custom-Green protects human health and the environment inclusive of all indoor activities as well as maintenance and grounds services performed on the exterior. The program considers economic, environmental, and social considerations.

    The following initiatives are fully supported by Custom-Green:

    • State-required greening initiatives.
    • United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.
    • US Green Building Council LEED certifications.
    • Carpet & Rug Institute Standards.
    • Application of Green Seal certified products.
    • Application of chemicals in compliance with the California Code of Regulations for VOC’s.
    • Application of Environmentally Preferred Products and more.

    GREEN CLEANING – “Six Steps To Cleaning Green”

    The university has established best-practice methods to ensure green cleaning is performed in a manner to parallel requirements established by certifying agencies such as USGBC, Green Seal, ISSA, etc. A ‘Six Step’ process pinpoints the order in which fundamental tasks are performed, identifies critical safety precautions, and stresses self inspection of an employee’s work to ensure a quality result. The six step process allows the university to train employees in an extremely effective manner and ensures customer satisfaction through consistent service. Special focus is given to ‘touch points’ where people repeatedly come into contact with fixed objects, such as door handles, water faucets, and flush valves. Prevention of cross-contamination is essential.

    The university’s contractor has partnered with major vendors and suppliers on a national scale to identify and purchase the latest in green products to ensure the most up-to-date and environmentally safe products are being applied. Products are researched by the university’s contractor and approved by the university to insure the most up-to-date products are being applied along with effective cost control being shared with the university.

    This process of using the Custom-Green program ensures minimal product waste and minimal environmental exposure by purchasing ready-to-use commodities or by using ‘closed’ dispensing systems. Cleaning chemicals are pre-mixed with water and dispensed directly into a portable container without exposing the chemical concentrate to the air, an employee, or university property. The ratio of cleaning chemical to water is pre-set by the manufacturer so the dilution remains consistent and effective. The chance of chemical concentrate spills is eliminated through utilization of the system.

    General floor care is also accomplished through best-practice methods established by the university’s contractor to ensure products and supplies are applied in a manner to preserve carpet and surface appearance.

    Floor care concerns include:

    • Minimize the amount of water used
    • Minimize the amount of chemicals used
    • Use environmentally preferred products
    • Ensure adequate ventilation to speed drying
    • Prevent excessive moisture, mold, mildew and bacteria
    • Proper disposal of cleaning solutions
    • Frequent cleaning of entryways, inside and outside
    • Vacuuming with HEPA filter vacuums instead of sweeping
    • Micro-fiber mop systems

    Trash can liners- are now available in a durable, 100% biodegradable formula.

    The university uses paper products that are LEED-EB certified as shown below:


      Post Consumer Fiber Minimum Total Recycled Content
    Envision Multi-fold Towels 40% 95%
    Cormatic Roll Towels 40% 40%
    Compact Coreless Bath Tissue 20% 20%

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