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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver Facilities Management

Energy Efficiency

Energy Savings Tips



Turn off lights in any room when lights are no longer needed. Use the dual switching feature of office lighting. If lighting on both switches is more than you need switch one off.

Computers and Monitors

Use the Energy Saving features in the Control Panel Display setup to disable your screen saver and configure your monitor to turn off after 15 minutes, hard drives to turn off after 30 minutes and enable your system to go into standby mode after 1 hour. Servers should not be turned off, however; the monitor is rarely used and can be turned off. If your computer does not have energy saving features turn off your monitor when idle for an extended period of time. Purchase equipment with the EPA Energy Star label.

Personal Dress

Wear clothing appropriate to the season and weather – lightweight clothing in summer and warmer clothes in winter. Wear layers so you can adapt to varying conditions in your workspace and still be comfortable.


Vestibule doors should not be propped open and should always close and latch behind you.


In winter, drapes or blinds should be open when windows are in direct sunlight or you are using the daylight, and closed otherwise. During summer, close drapes or blinds to prevent direct sunlight from entering the room. Try not to use windows for temperature control.

Exhaust Fans

Turn off small exhaust fans when they are not needed. Close laboratory fume hood doors whenever the hood is not being used (and whenever possible, even during use).


Email Building Maintenance and Operations or call (303)-724-1777 if your work area is overheated in the winter or overcooled in summer. Do not habitually open a window to get rid of excess heat in the winter.

Your Suggestions

Have a suggestion for other energy-saving steps that could be taken at the university? Email Roen.

You'll be seeing this sticker placed at various locations throughout the campus. Please follow its advice and do your part to conserve. With your help, the university’s energy and resources usage can be greatly reduced, thus benefiting the campus population and the environment.

A detailed list of energy saving tips that could help save additional resources on campus and around your home.

For information on the Engineering Services section of Facilities Management, please email Roen, Phone 303-724-1103.

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