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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver Facilities Management

Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Initiatives

Unoccupied Space Temperature Set-Back Program

During holidays or academic breaks, building space often becomes unoccupied. This presents an opportunity to reduce the space temperature set-point and save energy and expense.

Space temperature set-back also reduces greenhouse gases and provides a positive environmental impact at the Anschutz Medical Campus. During this unoccupied time energy use is reduced by lowering the temperatures to the weekend mode in various buildings or portions of buildings. The exact days are limited and will correspond to the days when the University is closed.

Conditions in those areas that are included in this program may be cooler or warmer than normal. If you plan to come in, please expect temperatures similar to weekend set-back temperatures. Please bring or wear extra layers of clothing to make sure you are comfortable.

During the Holidays of the first year when this program was implemented, the University was ableto save energy totaling 201,000 kWh equating to a savings of $12,100 dollars and 144 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse gases. This was done with virtually zero impact to building occupants.

Fume Hood Sash Lowering Awareness Campaign

Fume hoods are an integral and important piece of laboratory equipment while conducting medical research at the Anschutz Medical Campus. They also are expensive to operate and consume a significant quantity of energy. This is largely due to the large quantity of conditioned and treated ventilation air that is exhausted. This conditioned air at room temperature is non-recirculated and is 100% outside air. If it is hot or cold outside, this large volume of air still must be tempered to room temperature prior to being exhausted.

Fume hoods are absolutely necessary for research, but the energy consumption can be minimized by manually lowering the sash. New research buildings on campus use technology that varies the air volume when not needed – as indicated by occupant manually lowering the sash (VAV-hoods). When hoods are not in use it‘s a good practice and an energy saving practice to lower the sash.

The University uses an educational awareness campaign to improve occupant understanding of fume hood usage. This includes the use of a magnet placed on the hood with helpful information:

“If left open, this fume hood uses 3.5x the energy of a house!

Save up to 60% energy by closing the sash”

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