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Prospective Student Residency

Get it right, right from the start.

Getting Colorado Residency

Your residency status is initially determined by the completeness and accuracy of the information you provide in the Residency section of the Admission Application


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If you are a prospective applicant, newly applied/admitted/readmitted, are currently attending your FIRST semester at CU Denver, are an ASSET/DACA student or for any other reason do not have a residency status with CU Denver this information is for you.

Step 1: Initial Classification

Your initial residency tuition classification at CU Denver is determined based on information you provide in the Residency Section of the CU Denver Admissions Application.

If a decision regarding your residency status cannot be made based on the information you provided on the Admission Application, you will be asked via email to complete a Residency Amendment Form and provide any requested supporting documentation. Please respond quickly to this request. Failure to answer all questions could lead to initial classification as "non-resident" and non-resident tuition charges. Check out more information on the In-State Tuition Residency Requirements below. If you have any questions regar​ding this initial process, please email

Step 2: Final Classification

Once a determination has been made, your tuition classification will be changed from “Under Review” to either “Resident” or “Non-resident”.

If a decision has been made that you have not met the requirements to be classified as “resident” for tuition purposes, you will be charged tuition as a “non-resident”. After a student's status is determined, it remains unchanged in the absence of satisfactory evidence to the contrary. If you meet the domicile requirements for a Colorado residency at a later date, and you may submit a Petition for In-State Tuition Classification [pdf] which supports your domicile, and your classification will be changed if the petition is approved. Check out more information on the In-State Tuition Residency Requirements below. If you have any questions regarding this initial process, please email


The requirements for establishing residency for tuition purposes are defined by Colorado law (Colorado Revised Statutes 23-7-101 et. Seq), and the tuition classification statutes apply to all state-funded institutions in Colorado. Institutions are bound by the provisions of this statute and are not free to make exceptions to the rules. The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) also has information regarding the residency classification rules.

In-State Tuition Residency Requirements
Qualified Individuals
Establishing Domicile
Special Circumstances