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Scholarship Application Tips

We're here to help you maximize your award!

  1. Submit your scholarship application on time.
  2. Make sure you are qualified for ALL scholarship criteria.
    1. Are you in the field of study for which the scholarship is intended, if applicable?
    2. Do you meet the minimum test scores or grade point average, if applicable?
  3. Assemble ALL requested information in the order in which it was requested, if one is specified.
  4. Include at least the minimum number of recommendations.
  5. Make your application and essays as neat as possible.
  6. Make your application and essays clear. Need some help? Check out the CU Denver Writing Center
  7. If requested, reference all community service work and community affiliations.
  8. If required, complete the FAFSA for financial aid.

Other Tips

  • When retrieving letters of recommendation, obtain multiple copies and have each signed in ink. Letters of recommendation may not be considered valid if the signature is copied and not signed.
  • Always save copies of your essays for future reference.
  • Make an ongoing list of activities and affiliations that you are involved in to refer to when completing applications. 
  • Taking time on your application conveys that you will take time and do well in the endeavor you are pursuing.