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Undeclared Majors

What you need to know to choose a major:

We understand that it is hard for students to decide what they want to major in.  In fact, many students start college not knowing what they are interested in and not even knowing what majors are available.  Choosing the right major is important for student success and our advisors are here to help students along their self-discovery journey.

As you start to think about your major, keep these things in mind:

  • Your major does not dictate what you have to do for the rest of your life.
  • There is no "perfect" major.
  • Although there are several very good interest inventories, personality assessments and other tests available to help you, no one assessment will have all the answers for you.  It will take work on your part.
  • Your academic advisor, career counselor, friends, family or anyone else can not tell you what to major in.  You will need to decide for yourself along with help and guidance from others.
  • You can change your major if you decide you don't like it, but this may have consequences depending on how far along you are. Always consult your academic advisor when considering a change of major in order to make the transition smoother and discuss program requirements.

Steps to researching and choosing a major:
  • Complete the "Pathway to Your Major" exercise created by ASAC advisors to help you start taking steps toward researching and choosing a major. 
  • Utilize the many personality, career, and major assessments offered by the Career Center that will help you get in touch with your interests, values, skills and goals.
  • Research the majors available at CU Denver.  Look not only at the list of majors available, but also at the classes required for the majors that interest you. 
  • Meet regularly with your advisor in the Academic Success & Advising Center to talk about the majors you might be interested in, your academic goals and interests and your academic progress.
  • Speak to faculty members and advisors in the major departments that you are considering.  Faculty are very passionate about their field and love talking to others about what they do.
  • Research the career opportunities related to the majors that you are considering.  You can do this by meeting with a career advisor and exploring online.

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