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Faculty Affairs and Undergraduate Enrichment

Faculty Processes, Policies and Forms

Category Academic/Faculty Process
Academic Internship Policy University of Colorado Denver Policy - Academic Internship
Academic Program Revi​ew

Additional compensation

Annual Merit Evaluations and Salary Increases

University of Colorado APS - Performance Ratings for Faculty

Denver campus faculty including (Sr) Research Associates, (Sr) PRAs and (Sr) Instructors complete the Faculty Report of Professional Activities form. (Lecturers are reviewed for academic year reappointment instead of annual evaluations for merit.)

Anschutz Medical Campus faculty, except (Sr) Research Associate/PRAs: forms developed by each school/college.  Anschutz Medical Campus (Sr) Research Associates/PRAs: RA/PRA Annual Performance Evaluation form.

Appeals/Grievance Processes

Faculty members have access to school/college/library processes and procedures. In addition, the Ombuds Office and the Faculty Council Privilege and Tenure Committee offer avenues for faculty members to seek advice and/or file grievances.

Assessment of Learning Outcomes Office of Assessment
Bylaws The new guidelines, references and checklist for developing and revising college, school, library and department faculty bylaws.
Clinical Teaching Track Clinical Teaching Track Denver Campus policyprocedures, and Dossier preparation checklist.
Courses Taught in Faculty Homes University of Colorado Denver - Courses Taught in Faculty Homes and Other Private Residences Policy ​
Curriculum Development and Oversight

Curriculum development and oversight is the responsibility of the faculty members in each academic program.

On the Denver Campus, there also is a Core Curriculum Oversight Committee, charged with approving courses for inclusion in the undergraduate core curriculum (required of all undergraduate students) and ensuring that the core courses deliver the approved curricula.

Department Chairs University of Colorado APS, Roles and Responsibilities of Department Chairs. Each fall the Provost and Legal Counsel host a Chairs training workshop on the Denver campus. 
Differentiated Workloads

The University of Colorado Denver APS, Differentiated Annual Workloads Policy provides guidance for the development of differentiated workload arrangements for faculty members. Details are worked out with the faculty member, department Chair (if applicable) and Dean.

For faculty members who assume administrative duties (e.g., Associate Dean), the assignments and expectations are developed by the faculty member and the Chair (if applicable) and/or the Dean.

Dismissal for Cause

Dismissal for cause is addressed in Regent Policy 5I, Faculty Dismissal for Cause Process and in the Faculty Handbook, Nonreappointment, Termination, Suspension, Dismissal and Resignation.

Distinguished Professor Nomination Process

The University of Colorado Denver policy, Distinguished Professorships, was approved in 2013. This policy was developed in accordance with the University of Colorado Administrative Policy Statement. The University of Colorado APS, Procedures for Implementing Regent Actions on Distinguished Professorship policy establishes criteria and procedures for distinguished professorships at the University of Colorado.

Nominations for Distinguished Professor are due in the Chancellor’s Office by April 1st each year.

Visit List of Distinguished Professors for a current list of University of Colorado Distinguished Professors.

Emeritus/a Approvals

As per Regent Policy 5-L on Approved Faculty Titles: [The distinction of Emeritus] is awarded those faculty, in the ranks of full Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Senior Instructor, or Instructor, upon retirement, who are nominated by their department for this distinction and whose nomination is supported through the usual personnel review processes. Designation of Emeritus/a status for retired faculty members requires approval by the Chancellor.

A separate policy applies to the Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus: Faculty Emeritus/Emerita policy. This describes the eligibility criteria and procedures for seeking approval of the designation.

Faculty Awards

University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus - Faculty Awards​

Faculty Development and Mentoring

Center for Faculty Development (CFD)

Faculty Handbook University of Colorado - Faculty Handbook
Faculty Housing Assistance Program (FHAP)

University of Colorado Denver faculty members apply to this University of Colorado program as directed by the President’s office.

Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA) Faculty Report of Professional Activities online reporting.
Faculty Titles

University of Colorado Denver follows Regent Policy 5-L on Approved Faculty Titles in determining appropriate titles for faculty members.

​Final Exam Week ​University of Colorado Denver Policy - Final Exam Week  
Graduate Faculty Appointments

The Graduate School Rules for University of Colorado Denver address requirements for Graduate Faculty appointments for the programs that fall within the auspices of the Graduate School.

Hires with Tenure

The University of Colorado Administrative Policy Statement (APS), faculty hires with tenure is followed when faculty members are hired into tenured positions.

The Denver Campus has an additional policy statement, Faculty Hires with Tenure​, which provides details about the required review processes. On the Denver Campus, the hires with tenure checklist​ must be included in the dossier.

International Programs

Office of International Affairs

Misconduct in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities University of Colorado APS - Misconduct in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities
Multi-Year Contracts for NTTF Members and Librarians ​University of Colorado Denver Policy - Multi-Year Contracts for NTTF Members and Librarians​
New Faculty Orientations

On the Denver Campus, New Faculty Orientation is sponsored by the Center for Faculty Development during the week before classes begin in August; all new faculty members (tenure-track and non-tenure-track) are invited to attend. An online version of New Faculty Orientation is also available.

New Program Approval

The Office of Academic Planning oversees the development of new degree proposals and shepherds them through the review and approval processes at University of Colorado Denver. Proposals are reviewed at multiple levels: primary unit; school/college faculty; Dean; Undergraduate or Graduate Council; Budget Office/Budget Priorities Committee; Provost; and Chancellor.

Ombuds Services

Ombuds Office 

One-sixth Rule

Most University of Colorado Denver schools and colleges are governed by the 1/6th Rule, FAQs.  The approval form for the denver campus: Annual Declaration of Consulting Activities by a Faculty Member. 

Parental and Family Medical Leave with Tenure Clock Stoppage

Faculty members at University of Colorado Denver are governed and guided by two documents: the University of Colorado APS, Parental Leave for Faculty and University Staff, and the University of Colorado Denver APS, Family Medical Leave for Faculty and Exempt Professional Staff.  

If a leave request includes a tenure clock stoppage, approval is needed by the Department Chair, Dean, Provost, and Chancellor.  Templates for Parental Leave with Tenure Clock Stoppage and Tenure Clock Stoppage (without leave).

Post-Tenure Reviews & Performance Improvement Agreements 

Post-tenure reviews at CU Denver are conducted in accordance with the University of Colorado APS, Standards, Processes and Procedures for Comprehensive Review, Tenure, Post Tenure Review and Promotion. ​For faculty members who receive a “below expectations” rating in the annual merit evaluation or as a result of post-tenure review, the University of Colorado APS guides the development of Performance Improvement Agreements (PIAs). The same is true for the conduct of Extensive Reviews and the creation of Development Plans.

The University of Colorado Denver has a campus policy on post-tenure reviews​, as well as templates for PIAs and Development Plans.

Primary Unit Criteria for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP)

As per Regent Policy 5-M Primary units develop criteria that explicate the teaching, research and service expectations for faculty... These primary unit criteria [are] reviewed for rigor, fairness and consistency with Regent requirements and approved by the Dean and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Prior Service Credit Prior service credit, as stated in Regent Law Article 5B:  "Up to three years of full-time service in the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor at other institutions may be included in the probationary period."  Years of prior service credit must be negotiated at the time of hiring and must be included in the letter of offer.  A separate prior service agreement form must be signed by the faculty member, and approved by the chair, dean, and provost.
Professional Plans

Professional Plan form for the Denver Campus faculty members.

Program Discontinuance

Reappointment and Promotion Reviews

Sabbatical Approvals

All faculty, on both campuses, complete the Sabbatical Application Form 9-12a 2.8.18.pdfSabbatical Application Form. The application form and approval processes follow Regental Law 5-A, Approval of Sabbatical Assignments and University of Colorado APS, Approval of Sabbatical Assignments

Shared/Joint Appointments

CU Denver developed Guidelines and Checklist for Joint Appointments of Faculty 

Support for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members

The Downtown Campus has a formal organization for NTTF: the CU Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors (UCDALI).

Syllabus Policy ​University of Colorado Denver Policy - Syllabus
Tenure Accountability

University of Colorado APS - Tenure Accountability 

Vice Chancellor's Advisory Committee - Denver Campus


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